70+ Powerful Affirmations For Protection & Safety

Affirmations for protection

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.

– Baz Luhrmann

Life is riddled with uncertainties. The mystery surrounding what happens next often jolts us with fears and insecurities, most of which, most of the time, are absolutely unnecessary.

More than the mystery surrounding what happens next is the crippling feeling of standing naked, defenseless, and helpless in the face of imagined outcomes of possible mishaps. 

This is one of those feelings that interferes negatively with our thought patterns, core beliefs, and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. 

If you ever find yourself trapped with these debilitating fears and insecurities, it’s time to learn that you are safe, protected, and blessed because that is how the Universe intends it to be. Difficult to believe, you say? 

It usually is, but not if you are empowered with Affirmations for Protection.

The Language of Fear and How it Speaks to Us

The language of fear, especially that which is continually suppressed, can devastate a person’s psycho-spiritual, mental and behavioral environment rather imperceptibly. 

Memory loss, cardio-vascular problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, depression, PTSD, and constant fatigue are some of the many effects of long-suppressed fear.

Psychological and physical changes may be imperceptible at first, but it gets deeper and more rigid with time. 

Before fear and helplessness push your way of living into a perpetual stressful survival mode, learn how to use powerful protection affirmations and take charge of your life with peace, confidence, and joy.

Why Affirmations?

At the end of the day, words are powerful vibrations that can penetrate right through the tangible, functional structure of the brain to alter the intricate wiring of your mind (that is, the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious) either positively or negatively. 

Affirmations, by far, are one of the simplest yet extremely potent methods to erode fear, anxiety, and other negativities in a person’s aura slowly and steadily, using the right words in the right way.

I am protected affirmations target fears arising out of uncertainties or over-thinking about imaginary outcomes of difficult situations you may be currently dealing with.

If you are reading this article now, know that your inner self knows how to keep you safe and protected and shield you from any harm that you may encounter in life.

All you have to do is remind yourself about this inner power with affirmations, day in and day out, till you are indubitably confident that no matter what circumstances you face in life, you will always come out victorious.

Here are some Powerful Protection Affirmations to start your day .

Positive Affirmations For Protection

Wake up, stand before a mirror, choose a few of the following affirmations that you connect with, and speak them out loud. The energy that these words emit will linger throughout the day.

  • I am ever protected by the Power of the Universe.
  • I am safe. I am Secure. I am protected.
  • Blessings keep me safe from all harm.
  • Divine grace protects me from danger.
  • My confidence is my talisman.
Affirmations for protection
  • Everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always for the better.
  • I am fearless because I know I am protected.
  • Nothing can harm me unless I allow it to.
  • I am in a safe zone where negativity cannot enter.
  • When I step out of the house, I know I will be safe and protected.
Affirmations for protection
  • I’m one with God’s blessing and protection.
  • I welcome positive influences only.
  • I am protected, connected, and whole.
  • My strength is greater than any struggle.
  • I let go of worries that drain my energy.
Affirmations for protection

Affirmations For Spiritual Protection

Have you ever encountered people that report hearing voices in their head that constantly make them recall their past mistakes, traumatic events of gloom and despair, and even convince them to harm themselves? 

Given that it is very, I repeat, VERY difficult to feel, hear or see energies from another dimension, this is only an example of how serious the ‘fear of feeling unprotected’ can get when it penetrates into deeper spiritual levels. 

Take charge of things before they take charge of you. Repeat any of the listed affirmations for spiritual protection as many times in a day as possible. You will soon feel in control of your fears than the other way round.

  • My soul is guarded with protective energy.
  • Wisdom and positivity surround my spirit.
  • My faith is my shield.
  • My soul is free of negative influences.
  • I am pure, so I am always protected.
Affirmations for protection
  • God and only God owns my spirit; I am thus, ever shielded by divine protection.
  • Good luck follows everywhere I go.
  • My soul radiates divine energy.
  • My spirit is calm, wise, and powerful.
  • I breathe in positivity, and I breathe out negative emotions.
Affirmations for protection
  • My soul is dedicated to the holy spirit; I am forever protected from harm.
  • My soul knows that my mind and body are protected.
  • God has surrounded me with a barrier of peace and serenity.
  •  I focus my energy on things that add value to my life.
  • I choose faith over fear.
Affirmations for protection

Affirmations For Safety And Protection

Traffic, road rage, maniacs with guns roaming free, or pure bad luck that can get a limb or two fractured when you’re least expecting it, life is full of unpleasant surprises.

The fear of when it will strike, if at all, and if yes, then in what way claims your inner peace and leaves your subconscious feeling defenseless.

Nurture your subconscious with these affirmations for safety and protection, and step out of your home confidently.

  • I am guarded; I am protected; I am safe.
  • The universe keeps me out of harm’s way.
  • My family and friends are secure and protected.
  • I am healthy, happy, and peaceful.
  • I’m surrounded by love and compassion.
Affirmations for protection
  • I trust the universe to keep me safe. 
  • Angels always watch over me wherever I go.
  • I am always prepared, so I’m always safe.
  • Nothing can harm me unless I allow it to.
  • My peace, joy, and mental well-being are always safeguarded.
Affirmations for protection

Affirmations to Protect Your Energy 

Energy flows through all things animate or seemingly inanimate. Higher the energy levels, happier, cheerful, energetic, creative and productive you are.

However, there are times when you may come across people and situations that feed on your energy, leaving you drained, unmotivated, unproductive and even sad or depressed. 

While there is little that you can do to keep such energy vampires away, what you can do is guard your energy with affirmations. 

Take your pick from these powerful affirmations to protect your energy and use them as your invisible shield.

  • I own my energy; I have complete control over where it is spent.
  • I’m calm, I’m peaceful, and I’m surrounded by positive energy.
  • The universe protects my energy from energy vampires.
  • I radiate blessings, warmth and good luck.
  • I’m immune to negative influences.
Affirmations for protection
  • My energy is not vulnerable.
  • The universe reenergizes me with positive energy.
  • I am always full of positive and creative energy.
  • My energy is channelled toward happiness and well-being.
  • My emotional energy is strong and joyful.
Affirmations for protection

Affirmations For Aura Protection

Aura is like an atmosphere of energy that envelopes both animate beings and inanimate objects. In animate beings, this field of energy differs on a positive-negative scale depending upon the mental, psychological, behavioural and spiritual conditions surrounding the being. 

An individual with a vibrant and positive aura may get disturbed when it comes into contact with a conflicting aura. Affirmations for aura protection can help you strengthen and retain control over your positive energy atmosphere even when negative auras are unrelenting.

  • My aura is powerful.
  • Negativity cannot pierce through my aura.
  • My aura is bright, energetic and filled with exuberance.
  • My aura is aligned with the will of the universe. 
  • I don’t speak to people anymore. I speak to auras.
Affirmations for protection
  • My aura radiates strength and resilience.
  • My aura attracts blessings and positivity.
  • I trust my instincts; my instincts never fail me.
  • I am open, I am aware, and I am conscious.
  • I focus my energy on things that add value to my life.
Affirmations for protection

Affirmations For Spiritual Protection And Protection From Evil

Demons exist, whether you believe in them or not.

Father Moore, Exorcism of Emily Rose

Just because you cannot see evil doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and it does not necessarily show itself in the ways horror movies portray them. 

Unnecessary aggression, violence, nurturing destructive tendencies, harming the weak and defenceless, self-victimization etc., are traits of evil that dwell within. 

Repeating affirmation for protection from evil and spiritual protection can help your inner being stay safe from dark energies. Pick any of these affirmations, repeat them as they are, blend them with prayers or make your own mantra.

  • Divine energy shields my mind and body.
  • The Almighty keeps my family and me safe and protected.
  • I am grateful for ever protective Divine Grace.
  • The energy of the Universe enriches my body and soul.
  • I’m always happy because I know I’m safe.
Affirmations for protection
  • My purity is my shield from all negativity.
  • My spirit is clean, my energy is pure, and I’m enveloped in blessings.
  • I am safe from evil.
  • Divine grace protects me from evil spirits.
  • I am powerfully shielded from diabolical influences.
Affirmations for protection
  • All omens are good omens because God sends them for me.
  • I am protected from darkness.
  • My aura blocks all evil influences.
  • I am completely protected from evil thoughts and evil actions.
  • Angels shield me from evil people, evil spirits and evil auras.
Affirmations for protection

Final Thoughts

When you feel powerless before trying circumstances, when you find it difficult to embrace uncertainties, when your fear becomes your default mode of existence, remember these powerful protection affirmations

They are genius ways to train your subconscious to feel safe and protected even through unavoidable hardships. See the burst of positivity, confidence and revival of inner strength once you make affirmations for safety and protection a part of your daily routine. 

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