5 powerful Tips For Anger Management.

anger management

‌Do you want to learn 5 powerful techniques of anger management?  Imagine, you are in a restaurant and you ordered a coffee. It gets delayed and you don’t have the patience to wait for it. Suddenly you see the waiter coming towards you and next thing you see is that the waiter dropped the coffee right in front of you.

Now what will you do, isn’t that enough for you to get angry at him. Hold a bit, Before your anger escalates patience, you can use these 5 powerful strategies of anger management to control your anger and handle the situation in a better way.

Stay quiet and count to ten

anger management

‌If you’re really mad start counting from one to ten. In the midst of counting, you will realise that your heart rate is slowing down, and your anger is subsiding. Now, this will be effective in two ways firstly the waiter will get the time to clean up and quickly and bring another one for you and second you will get the time to calm down and anger is somehow diminished.

‌Break the chain

anger management

Imagine, what if you showed all your anger to the waiter. Congratulations, you are the part of a never-ending chain. If someone gets angry over you and you want to get angry over someone else and then he also wants to show his anger to someone else. Just take a pause, and think that you don’t want to be a mere link to this never-ending chain.

So, just break it. Every person who gets angry is the one who has been in this mood because of someone else. Try to think it this way, it is not his nature. After all, he is also a person like you. So, forgive him and don’t build up this never-ending chain.

Laugh your anger off

anger management

Do you know laughter is the best medicine and it doesn’t cost you anything? Yes, you can laugh your anger off. Imagine forgetting the waiter or any other person who made your anger ascent and remembering something hilarious. Yes, you can learn to fool your mind by practising this every time you get angry on something or someone.

If you are not in public go to your room and try to laugh. The only way to laugh is to stop thinking about the situation which made you angry and start thinking something extremely amusing. Implement laughter as a distribution. It is one of the best practice for anger management.

Calm down and take it out

anger management

It’s totally fine to say how you feel, as long as you handle it in the right way and don’t lose control. Outbursts solve no problems, but mature dialogues can help you to reduce your stress and ease your anger. It is really helpful in anger management. It may also prevent future problems. Try to practice empathy and fit in the other’s shoes.

Seek for a creative channel

anger management

One of the best technique of anger management is to turn your anger into a productive task. Consider painting, gardening, or writing poetry when you’re upset. Emotions are powerful muses for creative individuals. Use your anger as a fuel to do something productive. What you can’t say, perhaps you can write. Note down what you’re feeling and how you want to respond. This might help you to improve your writing skills. You can also use all the angry thoughts and energy in the gym to work out in a better and productive way.

Bottom line

In the bottom line, you need to understand that anger doesn’t happen to you, you get angry, it’s not an Identity to avoid. Human consciousness should not be driven by situations but situations should be the result of human consciousness. Train your mind to be patient and don’t let your anger make you take any ridiculous action.

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