Discipline Is The Bridge Between Goals And Accomplishment

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

School bells, chalkboard, homework, play-ground hours, no dessert before dinner, off to bed by 9 pm and up again with the lark to repeat a strictly measured day.

As a member of a civilized society that is programmed for progress, our introduction to ‘discipline’ has been rather early.

As time flew by and ringtones replaced school bells, people are generally seen struggling with an addled perception of discipline that is more intimidating than otherwise and, thus, more resisted than embraced.

Let’s admit it; there is no greater purpose in life than setting goals and achieving them, and discipline is the only catalyst that keeps you moving in the right direction without wasting time, energy and resources.

‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, and there are no two ways about it. 

Therefore, the sooner we understand ‘why’ we should brush the rust off our routines, the ‘how’ will be clear, and the accomplishment of goals will be near.

How Discipline Helps In Goal Accomplishment

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

When you bumble through life sporadically, your goals will remain a dream and achievements will only be a wish.

Take a minute, breathe deep and repeat your goals in your head. For example, you have been trying to shed 15 pounds in a timeline of 3 months. It has been 7 months now, and you have gained 8 pounds instead. 

So, what exactly has been preventing you from achieving this otherwise achievable target? Lack of discipline might be the answer. 

In simple words, discipline prevents your energy from squandering. It is thus, your answer to an unruly, unsystematic lifestyle that is recognized as the primary obstacle in your path to goal accomplishment.

Here is a concise list of other core benefits of A disciplined life that works as a catalyst to help you achieve your goals faster and without unnecessary downward spirals in the process.

Your Priorities Are Crystal Clear 

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Squandered time, energy and resources have a deep connection with misplaced and incoherent priorities.

Being disciplined helps you pick your priorities meticulously and devote the right amount of time and energy towards the same. 

Activity  To start with, list your top 3 daily priorities. Devote the first hour of your day to the first priority, then move on to the second and third. Keep repeating till it becomes a habit.

As per experts, your goals always feature among the top 3 in your priority list. And when you keep dedicating time and effort towards the same day after day, you will watch yourself progressing towards your goals sooner than you think. 

You Are The Master of Your Triggers

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Laziness and unsettled emotions pave the way for procrastination and distractions. These are the vices that make the achievement of goals arduous and often impossible.

A disciplined individual, though, being dedicated to priorities and routines, remain untouched by these behavioral interferences. Thus, accomplishing goals is always easy. 

Activity – Create a routine that chalks out everything you need to do to achieve your goals. Stick to it no matter what. Start with a simple planner.

Overcoming Obstacles Becomes Easier

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Discipline keeps you on track irrespective of temporary triumphs or unforeseen failures. Therefore, obstacles to the disciplined lot are nothing less than the stepping stones for success. 

Activity – Meditate for at least 11 minutes a day. This will clear your thoughts and perceptions and develop a more positive outlook towards situations that appear to be obstacles.

Productivity Multiplies

‘Self-Discipline is like a self-made manual for Winners.’

Ever wondered why disciplined individuals are 100% more productive than their not-so-disciplined counterparts? 

Discipline basically maps out the path you need to follow in order to achieve your goals at the earliest.

Therefore, by sticking to your routine, your efforts are always time-optimized and channeled in the right direction. Productivity is bound to multiply in this win-win scenario.

Did you know there are 3 Types of Self-Discipline! ‘Active, Reactive and Proactive.’

Bye-Bye Burnouts

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

If there is anything that can banish your goals to the recesses of your priorities, it is Burnouts.

While it is true that Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, it is a welcome remedy for burnouts as well!

By giving a meticulously measured distribution of effort towards everything that needs to be done to accomplish the goal and with enough time for rejuvenation and recreation, disciplined people are often free of mental fatigue and physical exhaustion.

You Live Life Guilt-Free 

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

You are always on time; always meet your deadlines; always have the best plan for the task at hand; You can devote quality time to yourself and your family; You know you are putting your best towards things that matter the most.

Thus with discipline, Guilt can never invade your conscious and subconscious self.

You can Aim for Higher 

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Discipline gives you the confidence to reach out for more and aim for higher.

You are confident that your efforts will bring the outcomes you expect because your course of action follows a trajectory that is tested for sure shot success. 

You Steal the Stage Professionally, Personally, and Socially

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Disciplined people are resolute leaders that are open, confident, trustworthy, and committed than those that are merely bumbling through life aimlessly.

Therefore, they stand out in professional and social circles and are cherished by dear ones in their personal lives. 

Positive Mindset 

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Being disciplined helps you think positively. Active, Reactive, and Proactive discipline helps you…

  • work on tasks at hand with confidence, 
  • react to unforeseen situations in a positive manner and without ruffling your feathers
  • prepare a course of action for possible future occurrences with confidence. 

When you are disciplined, you are in control of your emotions and actions. Therefore, irrespective of the situations that life puts you in, you are in a position to think better and make clearer decisions.

You are, therefore, free from negative spirals like depression, self-harm, addictions, etc., that have been identified as major hindrances in the path of progress and goal achievement. 

Are You Disciplined?

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Are you disciplined enough? Let’s find out.

Routine Rules

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Routine is the first and perhaps, the most important benchmark of self-discipline. If you manage to live by 90% of your routine, you are amply disciplined. 

If you can pull it to 100%, be assured that you are a master of self-control, and nothing can stop you from achieving whatever goals you set. 

You Can Make And Break Habits

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Research says it takes 21 days to create a new healthy habit and let go of the unproductive ones. 

If you have managed to make and break habits with propitious goals in mind, be assured, you are amply disciplined.

Routine Vs Emotions

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

When it is a battle between Routine and Emotions and your Routine always wins, be assured that you are disciplined. 

You Set And Meet Your Deadlines

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

Whether motivated or unmotivated, whether in great mental shape or falling to bits, no matter what the situation is, no matter how difficult it gets for you, if you always set and meet your deadlines without fail, be assured, your level of discipline is exemplary. 

Long Term Gains Wins Over Short-Term Gratifications

discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements

When short-term gratifications and temptations cannot pull you out of your routine because you know that the long-term benefits are worth the wait, you are disciplined.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of how we may have lived our lives before, on the understanding that discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements, there will always be time and possibility for turn-around.

The easiest way to start your journey towards mastering self-discipline is to create a simple planner and start ticking your list at the end of the day. 

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