Love in dreams is the best poetry about love. We all dream about the moments that we want to live in real life.

Dreaming about those moments give us an amazing feeling. This poetry is also about the dreams.

These dreams make me smile,

they are illusing me in a fake life.

For me, dreams are like light in the night,

but I know its gonna end with the sunrise

but still, I’m loving it,

because somehow it’s making me feel alive.


I am  dreaming a life which I want in real life

I’m dreaming a night

she’s by my side and,

she’s holding my hand tight

we look at the moon

she says it’s so bright and,

then I whisper in her ears,

not more than you my life.

And I am still dreaming this life

which is going to  end  with sunrise

but I’m loving  this life

because somehow it’s making me feel alive.


Now, these dreams are becoming the part of my life

A life that never exists in real

but I am living it every night and,

I  want to live it for the rest of my life

because it’s making me smile

and somehow these dreams are,

making me feel alive.

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