6 Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

Building a family needs hard work, patience, and a little bit of luck. But you can imagine it, right? Having to wake up with your partner setting up the table with the kids, seeing your kids eat breakfast while you and your partner enjoy the coffee?

It’s a pleasant sight, but for you to get to that part, there are tremendous obstacles that you need to get over first. And sometimes, one of those obstacles is fertility. 

Receiving the news that you’re infertile is undoubtedly heartbreaking. It seems like your hopes of having a family have broken down. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a lot of things that you can do to increase your fertility.

Don’t worry, and these tips are not some hocus pocus stuff. These ways are all natural and easy to do in your home that could potentially increase your fertility without relying on other obscure ways. Curious? Let’s start.

Stick To A Fertility Diet

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

One of the keys to fertility is your diet. That said, when it comes to the foods you should eat, you should start by eating leafy greens, lean proteins, healthy fats, and fresh fruit. You may have already heard of this one, but it’s true. Having a balanced diet can increase your chances of conceiving.

Consuming the right foods encourages consistent egg production. So instead of eating red meat all the time, you can swap it with tofu, beans, and other legumes in at least one meal a day.

You could also consume eggs, nuts, and fatty fish such as salmon, cod, and mackerel, which provide omega-3 fatty acids. These foods encourage good blood flow to your body, which includes your reproductive organs.

You can ask for the professional help from an IVF clinic near you if you want a more detailed explanation and guidance. They specialize in reproduction and help women who are having difficulties conceiving.

Luckily, there are many of them in different states in the U.S. You can also find reputable ones online. They have websites where you can set an appointment so you can go at a later time.

However, if you’re in another country like Australia, a fertility specialist such as Perth IVF Clinic, Fertility North, will guide you through the process.

They have numerous clinics around the country that you can visit anytime. You can also set an appointment online on a date you’re comfortable with.

Eliminate Alcohol And Tobacco

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

If you’re consuming alcohol and tobacco regularly, you’re hurting your chances of being fertile. All these things can lead to irregular ovulation, making it harder for your partner’s sperm to find an egg to fertilize.

This is especially true for binge drinking and other recreational drugs, such as marijuana. Even just consuming alcohol several times a week could already significantly hurt your chances of getting pregnant. That said, it’s better to just stop all these things altogether.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Being either underweight or overweight

 can reduce fertility in women. And even if you get pregnant, it will be hazardous for you and your baby.

Researchers suggest that being overweight can disrupt your reproductive processes, including the development and quality of the fertilization process and the embryo’s growth.

It’s the same thing with being underweight. That said, losing weight can overcome all these difficulties if you’re not in a healthy weight to conceive.

Drink Lots of Water

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not drinking enough water each day. If you’re one of them, we suggest you regularly hydrate each day enough to increase your chances of being fertile. 

This is because adequate water intake can improve fertility by helping in cell division, reproduction, and metabolism. Also, by drinking enough water daily, your body will be able to process nutrients and hormones for the development of the egg.

You should drink about eight to ten cups of water each day when trying to conceive. This will help your body flush out waste products in your kidney and increase the quality of your cervical fluid. And again, you should stop alcohol intake as it will reduce your chances of being fertile.

Manage Your Stress Properly

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

As much as we like not to be stressed, there will always be a time in our day that we’ll be stressed, even if it’s just for a little bit. But why is this important? A woman’s mental and psychological health is more closely related to reproductive health than you think. 

The added stress of not being able to conceive can cause hormonal shifts in your body, which will be interpreted as a sign that your body is not yet ready to have a baby. Because of this, it will be harder for your partner to fertilize an egg because there’s a huge chance that your body won’t be ready yet.

Get Physically Active

Natural Ways to Increase Your Fertility

Besides being good for your overall health, being physically active can also increase your chances of pregnancy. This is because as you exercise regularly, your body’s hormones will be more balanced and can even reduce your stress levels, which, as we mentioned earlier, will hinder you from being pregnant.

If you’re trying to conceive, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and exercise regularly. Of course, don’t go overboard, as it will have the opposite effect.

Final Words

Having difficulty being pregnant is surely heartbreaking news. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of ways for you to increase your chance of getting pregnant. With some discipline and help from your family, friends, and professionals, your ideal family life will be closer and closer to fruition. We wish you the best.

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