95 Powerful Affirmations To Quit Smoking 

Affirmations to quit smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking causes cancer – Statutory Warning.

What should also feature in this statutory warning is that every 5 seconds, 1 person loses his/her life to smoking, which comes to around 8 million active individuals blowing their lives up in smoke every year.  

Could you be that ‘One Person’?

There are many that come up with arguments like, ‘people lose their lives to infinite uncertainties anyway’; ‘anything can happen to anyone, anywhere; so why blame smoking’… so on and so forth. 

Let me remind you that smoking is the most common ‘preventable cause of death. This basically means this is one of those misfortunes that people deliberately invite into their lives.

Smoking does not kill you instantly. It is a slow and steady unfurling of absolute mayhem in the mind and body that you cannot wish away, heaven forbid if it ever latches on to you.

Sometimes, it is good to quit. 

Daily Stop Smoking Affirmations

Quit smoking and take the first step towards a cleaner future with these powerful stop smoking affirmations,

  • I can, and I will.
  • My lungs deserve fresh air, not smoke.
  • Health over addiction; Life over suffering.
  • I’m ready to break this bad habit.
  • My willpower is stronger than my addiction.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I am all set to develop better habits.
  • I’m proud of how far I’ve come.
  • It feels great to be in control of my mind and body.
  • I look great, and I feel even better after quitting smoking.
  • Fresh air makes me powerful.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I’m finally reaching my best potential.
  • Success = A Day without smoke.
  • I can do anything I decide to do.
  • I take care of my body.
  • I do not smoke.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Positive Affirmations to Stop Smoking: Freedom from Addiction

Did you know that a normal stick of cigarette contains anywhere from 8mg to 9mg of nicotine? Technically, if you chew up 5 cigarettes whole, it is more than enough to land you in an emergency. If not, take your life.

Being addicted is as bad as being possessed. Imagine a lifeless entity, the presence or absence of which directs your mood, behavior, and identity. Never let anything have so much power over you. 

Use these quit smoking affirmations to regain and retain your control over yourself.

  • Mind over matter; oxygen over nicotine.
  • The only thing I’m addicted to is ‘Being Better.’
  • Only ‘I’ have power over me.
  • I’m strong, I’m blessed, and I’m loved.
  • I attract good vibes only.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I’m free because I’m in control.
  • Freedom from cigarettes makes me stronger, calmer, and more peaceful.
  • I love the New Me.
  • I have unchained my soul from addiction. Now I can see the real me.
  • I have faith in my inner strength.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Quit Smoking Positive Affirmations To Shield Your Loved Ones From Passive Smoking

Did you know 1.2 million out of the 8 million deaths caused by smoking are owed to passive/second-hand smoke

These are the people that, unfortunately, have no choice but to inhale the toxic smoke you breathe out. Spouses, partners, elders, and children are the first victims of this unforgivably bad life choice. 

The people that love and support you the most deserve better than radioactive lead, polonium, cyanide, and benzene in their lungs. 

Show your love and respect to your family by making an active attempt to let go of smoking. These powerful quit smoking positive affirmations can help you get started.

  • I am responsible for the health and safety of my family.
  • My children deserve a home without smoke.
  • I choose to keep my living space free of smoke.
  • My home is a nicotine-free zone.
  • I let go of habits that don’t serve the well-being of my loved ones.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • My family deserves my best.
  • I’m ready to change for the love of my family.
  • I choose my family over cigarettes.
  • My home is blessed because it is free of addiction.
  • I quit smoking because I respect my family.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I quit all bad habits that can harm my loved ones.
  • I chose not to smoke; Now, my children know how to make good decisions.
  • I’m grateful for my family.
  • I am stronger than cigarettes.
  • I can easily quit smoking.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Affirmations to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

How fair is it to choke the growing human in your womb with smoke when the universe entrusts you with the divine duty of breathing life into it? 

Smoking during pregnancy can cause severe mishaps like ectopic pregnancies, spontaneous abortions, stillbirth, premature labor, and low birth weight. 

Other damages that the fetus can sustain and bear way into adulthood include:

  • Impaired functioning of the brain / lungs / heart.
  • Congenital disabilities like cleft lip / cleft palate.
  • Increased risk of asthma / ADHD / obesity / type 2 diabetes, and more. 

The world is already waiting with its share of challenges for this new person in the making. As a mother, it’s your duty to strengthen your child.

Stop smoking now with these positive affirmations for quitting smoking.

  • There’s a new life growing inside me; it deserves my best.
  • I don’t need cigarettes; My baby keeps me calm.
  • The joy of motherhood is my antidote to smoking.
  • My baby deserves a healthy smoke-free environment.
  • I choose to clean my inner environment for my unborn child.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • A smoke-free mother makes a strong, happy, and healthy baby.
  • My baby inspires me to make good life choices.
  • No smoking = Safe and happy pregnancy.
  • I attract good vibes and blessings for my baby.
  • I’m ready to let go of addictions for the well-being of my child.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Quit Smoking Positive Affirmations for Gaining Financial Stability –

As per USA statistics, an average smoker smoking one pack a day could spend $2292 annually. For chain smokers, there’s no upper limit to the amount. In terms of health insurance, smokers are likely to pay a surcharge of up to 50% more on regular premiums. 

And the same goes with life insurance, where a chain smoker may have to pay twice or thrice the regular premium amount. These otherwise avoidable costs don’t stop at the subject. They are passed on to immediate passive smokers, like, spouse/partner, children, and elders.

Remember, a slow, steady, and expensive death is no substitute for a peaceful, happy, and disease-free life. 

Stop smoking now and regain your financial health with these daily positive affirmations to stop smoking.

  • I choose not to blow my money up in smoke.
  • My savings have multiplied after quitting smoking.
  • I spend on hobbies, not on addictions.
  • A penny saved on smoke is a month gained in health.
  • I pay lesser premiums after I quit smoking.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I respect my money, so I spend it wisely.
  • I’m attracting more income after stopping smoking.
  • My finances are improving every day after quitting nicotine.
  • I said No to smoking; Now, the Universe is rewarding me with financial bliss.
  • Physical, mental, and financial health. everything is improving after I quit smoking
Affirmations to quit smoking

Positive Affirmations for Quitting Smoking For Teens And Young Adults

Research says, 90% of smokers start their habit before the age of 19. Annually, about 1.5 million packs of cigarettes are sold to minors. E-cigarettes are a growing trend among this age group, and many wrongly believe that it is safer than smoking an actual cigarette. 

Being one of the toughest addictions to quit, young people must be helped to tap into their inner strength in order to gather the courage and determination to change this life-threatening habit. 

Chanting these daily affirmations for quitting smoking is one of the best non-intrusive ways to direct young people away from smoking.

  • I love sports, reading, music, and parties, not cigarettes.
  • Clean lungs make strong athletes.
  • I quit smoking because I love myself.
  • There’s so much I can do! I will never blow possibilities up in smoke.
  • Sports are awesome; Smoking is not!
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • Addictions don’t solve problems; it creates innumerable new ones.
  • I release myself from smoking because I have a bright disease-free future to create.
  • My choice is my responsibility, and I choose to quit smoking.
  • My friends are proud of how far I’ve come.
  • I can think, remember and recall better after quitting smoking.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I’m not attracted to nicotine anymore.
  • I’m addicted to saving, not to smoking.
  • My family is proud that I quit smoking.
  • I no longer smoke cigarettes.
  • My lungs have been healthier since I quit smoking.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Positive Affirmations To Quit Smoking And Overcome Nicotine Withdrawal

Nicotine withdrawal is not easy to cope with. Craving, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, anger, irritability, dramatic shifts in appetite, and insomnia are some of the common symptoms that addicts face in the initial phase of giving up smoking. 

Inner strength is the only antidote to these otherwise temporary feelings of inadequacy. If you have just quit smoking and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, use these positive affirmations to stop smoking and remind yourself that ‘you and only you are the master of your mind and body.’

  • It’s just a phase; it will pass.
  • Anxiety is temporary.
  • I am successfully in control of my cravings.
  • Stopping smoking is actually this easy!
  • The tar is gone; Oxygen is restored; My body is finally cleansed.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • I’m grateful to my friends and family for helping me overcome smoking.
  • Quitting smoking makes me stronger, wiser, and more energetic every day.
  • I am proud of the progress I’m making.
  • As the curtain of smoke disappears, I can see little miracles around me all the time.
  • Life is beautiful without smoke.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Affirmations To Quit Smoking And Environmental Responsibility

Land, air, sea, and everything that comes in between cigarettes spare nothing. Believe it or not, the environmental impact of cigarette production and smoking is an actual tangible existential threat.

As per WHO reports, the tobacco industry claims 600 million trees, 200,000 hectares of productive land, 200 billion tonnes of water, and gives 84 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Speaking about pollution, over 7000 toxic contaminants from about 4.5 trillion cigarette filters seep into rivers, oceans, soil, drainage systems, etc., where there are dumped every year. 

Stop participating in this dance of destruction. Quit smoking now.

Repeat these positive affirmations to stop smoking, and the environment will thank you for it.

  • I’ve stopped smoking because the world doesn’t need my carbon footprint.
  • I will not pollute the air with toxic smoke.
  • I choose not to clog the oceans with cigarette filters.
  • The world needs trees, not tobacco.
  • I’ve stopped smoking because I’m responsible for the environment.
Affirmations to quit smoking
  • Quitting smoking is the best decision I made in my favor.
  • I choose not to smoke.
  • It feels great not to smoke.
  • I release myself from my smoking habit.
  • I stopped smoking forever.
Affirmations to quit smoking

Final Thoughts

Quitting smoking becomes easy if you constantly remind yourself that you are stronger than anything that seems to be in control of you.

Affirmations to quit smoking are like gentle, powerful wakeup-calls for your inner strength. They work in harmony with your overall psychological system to help you achieve your desired outcome more easily and confidently. 

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