When we are broken and we can’t find any better way to express our feelings, in such situation poems and poetries are the best way to express yourself. Beautiful lies is a very sad poetry which expresses the sadness of a boy who is disappointed by the lies of his lover.


A girl with the prettiest smile,

Told me the prettiest lies.

Some about love, some about life.

Some about trust, some about fights.

Some about dark, some about lights.

Some about lips, some about eyes.

Some about snow, some about a fire.

And, I swear I trusted them all,

Because lies were as beautiful as the liar.

I still love her, I don’t deny.

Every night, her lies make me cry.

It feels like she gave me wings,

And then reveals it’s illegal to fly.

Right now, her love is all I aspire.

But it’s too expensive and,

Needs a rich buyer.

But it still hurts because,

Lies were as beautiful as the liar.

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