10 Self-Improvement YouTube Channels Everyone Should Follow

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

There is no doubt that we all adore YouTube, but be curious about the nature of that affection. Most individuals have even compiled a list of their favorite YouTube channels. Is visiting YouTube only to have fun and be entertained?

After all, that was the beginning of everything. The fact is that we can easily lose hours upon hours of amusement. But does that explain everything? Because if that’s the case, we are wasting one of the most important educational resources available in our day and age.

We can use YouTube not just for research, skill training, personal growth, and anything else in between but also to find professional tutorials on any topic you can think of.

To make progress toward improving yourself, you will frequently discover that you require motivation. It used to be that everyone’s go-to resource was self-help books, but these days, you can receive the best encouragement from watching various channels that have self-help videos on YouTube.

Some videos explain psychological topics, while others motivate you with inspiring speeches.

Which is the best YouTube channel for motivation? The following list of the 10 most interesting Self-Improvement YouTube Channels will provide you with all you require on your journey toward personal growth.

TED Talks

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

The topics discussed in TED Talks are extremely diverse and can range from social transformation to social media. This international YouTube channel features a wide variety of videos covering various topics related to self-help.


Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

By selecting the most thought-provoking presentations worldwide, Goalcast encourages its users to “live the impossible.” You may learn from other people’s experiences, how they live their life through conflict, and how to avoid making the same mistakes if you watch this channel on YouTube, which is now ranked as the #1 channel for self-improvement.

Improvement Pill

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

Improvement Pill makes animation clips available to help you live a better life in various ways. Work on quitting bad habits, getting over fears, and finding motivation.

However, going through many YouTube channels on your PC isn’t safe for your device. That is why we recommend using a VPN for PC or computer that secures your data from hackers, such as the VeePN. With this free PC VPN, you can browse without fear of cyberattacks or hackers.

Be Inspired

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

The name of this channel pretty much sums up everything about it. It is one of the channels that are best on YouTube. A diverse selection of encouraging presentations motivates you to take action. You may get an idea of what’s available by watching some of the videos, such as “Never Lazy Again,” “Start Your Day Right,” and “Winner’s Mindset.”

School of Life

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

There is no age at which we are too experienced to learn anything new. The difficulties and the education gained from overcoming them are plenty.

Some fundamentals, such as broken relationships, loneliness, the loss of reputation, difficulties finding true love, and so on, are things we frequently forget to comprehend as time passes. You may be certain that you will pick up something fresh throughout your time at the School of Life.

Acquire some excellent ideas, enjoy some entertaining films, work on your emotional resilience from the self-help videos, and you’ll finally reach a state of contentment—one of the most helpful and informative channels on YouTube we’ve ever seen.

Team Fearless

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

The channel, which is best on YouTube, contains some of the most inspiring and uplifting videos that are perfect for getting your blood pumping.

It would be best if you watched anything from short bursts of motivation lasting three minutes to longer talks lasting twenty minutes. You may even find playlists dedicated to music for personal growth online.

Big Think

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

The mission of Big Think is to disseminate fascinating ideas conceived by prominent intellectuals. Listening to knowledgeable individuals, such as Michael Puett, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, discuss concepts can help broaden your perspective and make it simpler to lead a more fulfilling life.

Thomas Frank

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

When thinking back over the past five years, many believe that Thomas’ YouTube channel is the one on which they’ve spent most of the consecutive hours binge-watching content from all other channels on this list.

There is a lot of guidance on how to live a happier and more fulfilled life packed into the videos that can be found on this channel.

Break The Twitch

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

Behind his YouTube channel and philosophy, “Break the Twitch,” is Anthony. The key to breaking the twitch is eliminating distractions so you can concentrate on what matters.

He contends that by taking a few modest steps each day, one can improve their understanding of their priorities and make more significant progress in those areas.

Motivation Madness

Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

Motivation Madness uploads hours of motivational lectures from accomplished individuals. You can learn the proper mindset for inner satisfaction from them or observe them see why the one per cent succeeds.

Many of these speeches are from graduation ceremonies, including Denzel Washington’s words of wisdom. But no matter where you are in life, you can learn from these videos.

The Bottom Line

There are many ups and downs in life, but that doesn’t mean we should stop ourselves from growing.

Watching the most interesting YouTube channels and the self-help videos featured in them are a good way to motivate yourself. If you want to share any channel you like, let us know in the comment section.

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