According to a 2009 article published in TIME magazine, the phrase “Black Friday” was first used in the 1960s by Philadelphia newspapers referring to the huge rush of crowds to stores on the day after Thanksgiving.

Americans spend more time shopping on Thanksgiving weekend than they do visiting Disney hot spots.

1. It Attracts More People Than Disneyland.

according to news reports compiled by Black Friday Death Count.7 people have died and 98 have been injured in the U.S. while Black Friday shopping since 2006.

2. More People Die While Shopping Than
in Shark Attacks.

Not everybody wants to work on Thanksgiving. Workers have protested outside of certain Walmart locations on Black Friday for four years, calling for higher wages.

3. Not All Stores Like Black Friday.

A new study from WalletHub market research firm shows that 14 percent of products will have prices on Black Friday similar to their normal in-store costs.

4. Some Deals Are not Really Deals.

Some locations sell out of pajamas and other household items.

5. Pajamas Are a Big

Retailers in other countries have watched U.S. stores generate huge sales on Black Friday and have started offering their own deals.

6. Black Friday Has Gone Global

the average discount is only about 5 percent -- far less than just before Christmas, when discounts can reach 17.5 percent.

7. It's Actually Not the biggest Shopping Day

8. The days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday capture
20 percent of all holiday online shopping.

9. On average, shoppers will wait 2.5 hours in
line for a deal.

10. Black Friday has spread to over 15 countries in the world.