10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail

Most couples don’t survive a long-distance relationship because of the lack of maturity to deal with the more complex and often unpredictable nature of this kind of commitment.

1. Emotional immaturity.

If you’re insecure, you lack the confidence to trust your partner

 2. High levels of insecurity.

Negative thinking can greatly damage a relationship and being in an LDR is not the perfect place to choose pessimism over-optimism. Combined with the inability to stay patient, you’ll get a complete formula for failure.

 3. Impatience and negative thinking.

You fear change and will do anything to stay where you are because you believe that this is the only place where you cannot be hurt. This attitude will eventually affect your relationship, especially if you are miles away from each other.

 4.Fear towards changes.

You don't believe in apologies and you feel that apologizing for what you did is a sign of weakness. In a long distance relationship, there's a big chance that you'll fight often especially during the first months of it - and it's such a crucial stage that it often leads to most breakups.

 5. Inability to admit mistakes.

You don’t value your significant other’s feelings and you always only think about yourself.

 6. Self-centeredness and selfishness.

You always think that it’s your fault whenever things go wrong. You have extremely low self-esteem and you often think the worse about yourself.

 7. Self-pity and lack of self-love.

You don’t really love your partner and you’re just not strong enough to tell them that.

 8. The absence of genuine love.

If further long-term commitments are made by both parties and those commitments don't bring the two any closer together, someone's likely to pull the plug.

 9. A Murky Future.

Many long-distance relationships end because the world keeps turning, but fortunately for those whose long-distance relationship ends, life goes on for them, as well.

 10. Life Goes On