10 Unknown Things About Loretta Lynn

Her mom was a big fan of the American actress, who was known for her starring roles in The Farmer's Daughter (1947) and Came to the Stable (1949).

She was named after Loretta Young.

Loretta's sisters, Peggy Sue and Crystal Gayle, are also professional country singers.

Her sisters are country musicians too.


Her family was so poor her mother used Sears catalog pages as wallpaper.

She was born into a poor family.

Loretta Webb and Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn famously married when she was between 13 and 16 and he was 21.

She knew her husband for a month before marrying him.

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Doo, as Loretta called him, bought her a $17 Gibson guitar from Sears & Roebuck when she was 18.

Her first guitar was a gift from her husband.

Loretta Lynn wrote her first song on a fishing trip.

Her first single, "Honky Tonk Girl," was released a year after her dad died.

Her father never saw her success.

Loretta's oldest daughter married and had her first child at 18. Loretta's youngest children, twin girls, were 2 years old at the time.

She became a grandmother at age 34.

Her longtime dress designer, Tim Cobb, got his start creating gowns for the Miss America and Miss USA pageants.

Her dresses were inspired by pageant wear.

In 2016, Reba revealed that she warms up before going on stage by singing her favourite Loretta song, "If You're Not Gone Too Long.

She was a significant influence on Reba McEntire.