15 Brother Sister Quotes To Strengthen The Bond


Watching you grow with me, making new mistakes, and getting shit together made my journey more lively than ever.

Dear Brother, because of you, I can go anywhere I want, anytime I want. I got an unsalaried driver.

We are crime partners,
and mom is our police.

We got so many memories that we can die laughing
 in our old age.

Oh, my brother, leaving you alone is like leaving a monkey on a leash.

I’m grateful to have a brother who is a pillow
in my sorrow.

My brother is my best friend who has been here for me from birth to death.

You can trust me with your secrets. But not with a chocolate cake in the fridge.

Teasing your brother gives the feeling of living in blockbuster entertainment.

I agree that my sister is the most trouble-causing animal on this planet.
 But I still love her.

I don’t have to worry about making friends when I have siblings like these.

When you have siblings, you got a gang to do the craziest thing on the earth.

I adore my siblings. They are the perfect creation of
God for me.

Siblings who are far apart always stay closer in the heart.

Your siblings might get old and wrinkled, but the fun stays the same.