7 Success Habits You Should Adopt Now

Aside from the random element of luck, much of what makes some people successful involves the cultivating of certain habits. Learning what these habits are and how to employ them in your own life is worthwhile.

Collaborate more effectively by building high-trust relationships.

Think Win-Win

Focus and act on what you can control and influence instead of what you can’t.

Be Proactive

Prioritize and achieve your most important goals instead of constantly reacting to urgencies.

Put First Things First

Define clear measures of success and a plan to achieve them.

Begin With the End in Mind

Influence others by developing a deep understanding of their needs and perspectives.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Develop innovative solutions that leverage differences and satisfy all key stakeholders.


Increase motivation, energy, and work/life balance by making time for renewing activities.

Sharpen the Saw