Beating Procrastination: The Today Is The Day App Journey

Beating Procrastination

Hi, my name is Cecilia. I am a creative graphic designer. My problem with procrastination was a deep-rooted plant that had sprouted and spread to all areas of my life. As an undergraduate, I was highly focused and self-disciplined, ensuring I met targets for assignments, term papers, and other extracurricular activities on campus. I was part of the school’s mass choir, and even with the load of schoolwork, I still found time for rehearsals and created a healthy balance between studies and extracurricular activities. 

However, things changed for me after graduation. It had been as though a light was turned off or a balloon was deflated. I began to notice that my zeal during school took a fast-paced nosedive. I got a small role as an office assistant, and I was finding it difficult to carry out tasks and meet deadlines. 

My work wasn’t the only thing that suffered from the effects of procrastination. I hoped to spend time with close friends, and I couldn’t keep up with staying in contact. This drastically affected many beautiful relationships I had then, and it was only getting worse till I came across the Today Is The Day app.

The Discovery of My Procrastination Habit

Beating Procrastination

Due to how I had slowly given into procrastination and allowed it to eat into a deep part of my life, I lost my first job as an office assistant. I soon got another job in a digital agency as a graphics design intern, and being scared I would lose such a promising spot to delve into a creative world that I had so much interest in, I tried to work on my procrastination problems on my own. 

I tried to meet targets and deadlines and flow with the rest of my teammates, but I soon began to experience burnout. The more I tried, the more I felt overwhelmed. I was always stressed out, and soon, it reflected terribly in my productivity. While battling the stress, I was falling further and further back on work, pushing off tasks until I felt overwhelmed. Unfortunately, It didn’t have the positive effect I expected.

A colleague and friend tried to help me by pointing me toward helpful videos and books to solve this problem, but they only temporarily improved my condition. They didn’t motivate me to take action. Soon, I reverted back to my lazy attitude. At this point, I realized something was wrong and had to find a lasting solution urgently.

The Highly Sought-After Lasting Solution

Beating Procrastination

While I was on the verge of losing my internship job, a ray of hope shone upon me. A friend I confided in about my procrastination problem introduced me to the Today is the day app. He had also been struggling with procrastination and stumbled upon it while searching for solutions. He spoke highly of the app, and I decided to give it a shot, though I was not expecting much.

However, I realized I had immersed myself in the app because of its simplified learning process and the daily motivation to take action. With its easy-to-understand daily lessons, I gained valuable insight into how procrastination works and affects my brain. The questionnaire at the end of each lesson helped me pinpoint the root cause of my failing productivity. It provided a lens for me to self-reflect and identify how best I could tackle procrastination. 

The more I used the app, the more I began to see changes in how I approached work and intentionally reached out to loved ones. I gradually but consistently began becoming more focused, finishing projects, and meeting deadlines at work. The anxiety I felt before towards work and social relationships began to dwindle, and I was becoming a better version of myself. I was happy!

Life with Today Is The Day App

It’s only been a couple of months since I began using the today is the day procrastination app, but it has been a productive and fulfilling journey. I have gained a new enthusiasm toward work which has boosted my productivity greatly. 

I have also learned to balance work and personal relationships. So far, I have successfully salvaged a few friendships I thought I had lost for good.

Today Is The Day app has improved my life, helping me to manage and organize my time better and be more self-disciplined. I have been promoted from an intern to a full-time graphics designer, working on and acing newer projects that strengthen my work portfolio and position me for future opportunities for career advancement. 

Final Thoughts

Prior to discovering the Today Is The Day app, my struggle with procrastination seemed like a lost cause. The insights and tools the app provides have long changed my mentality towards procrastination as a battle that can be won. Thanks to the app, my productivity has improved, the fear of being a failure has reduced, and my eagerness to achieve more has increased.

This review is a way to encourage someone who may be struggling with procrastination that the battle against procrastination can be won. Give the app a try! 

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