10 Life Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi

Life Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi

Life can often be a challenging journey, especially for young individuals striving to find their way in a complex world. The struggles they face can stem from various sources – societal pressures, personal dilemmas, or the daunting task of shaping their futures. In such moments of uncertainty, seeking guidance and inspiration becomes crucial. Fortunately, history … Read more

How To Be Organized

How To Be Organized

Are you struggling to find that perfect work-life balance? And do you also feel that you are running a marathon that doesn’t seem to end? Do you always feel like you are playing catch-up with your work and commitments? It could all be the result of your disorganization. Disorganization is a menace. It plagues your … Read more

10 Important Life Lessons From Mike Tyson

life lessons from Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has changed from being the world’s baddest man to an approachable person whose presence no longer causes your underwear to leak. We’ve witnessed a significant change in the formerly unchallenged heavyweight champion. From one of the worst areas in America, he rose to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history, became a multi-millionaire, … Read more