150+ Powerful Positive Affirmations For Men

positive affirmations for men

We all want to grow in life. But sometimes along the way to our growth we need someone or something to uplift ourselves.

Men are no exception, they also need something that can help them to boost their growth. There are different types of positive affirmations for men, and research has shown that practicing daily positive affirmations for men can help manifest your dreams.

Positive affirmations for men are more powerful than you think. If you choose the right affirmations and use them in the right way then it can make a big difference. Always choose the affirmations according to the areas in which you are not doing well.

What is a positive affirmation statement?

Positive affirmations include no NOs in the sentence. Positive affirmations focus on the positive result that you wish to achieve. Even if you want to avoid some things, the affirmations are focused not on avoiding but on attending something more useful.

So Positive affirmations are the statements in which you replace negative thoughts with powerful and positive ones which help you to reprogram your subconscious mind and get rid of self-defeating beliefs.

If you are looking for the best positive affirmations for men, here are some most powerful positive affirmations for men.

Daily Positive Affirmations For Men

1) I am strong and resilient, I can handle every saituation.

2) I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

3) My strongest desires are being fulfilled now.

4) My world changes with my mindset and thoughts.

5) I am enough talented and I know how to sell my talent

positive affirmations for men

6) I won’t let people take advantage of me.

7) I am not controlled by the opinion of others.

8) I am confident and powerful.

9) I know how to be confident in social situations.

10) I am satisfied with what I have and I’ll keep working for what I want.

positive affirmations for men

11) I am very smart and good at my job.

12) People enjoy my company.

13) I am confident about my body and look.

14) I am growing stronger every day.

15) I am very close to achieving my goals.

positive affirmations for men

16) I am worthy of wealth and Peace.

17) I always fight for my beliefs.

18) I am getting more confident about myself with every new challenge.

19) I am sexy and attractive and I radiate good vibes.

20) I don’t fake my identity to impress people.

positive affirmations for men

Positive Affirmations For Men to Boost Self-Esteem

21) I am proud of who I am becoming.

22) I like who I am.

23) I value my worth.

24) I am worthy of love, peace and happiness.

25) I deserve to be successful.

positive affirmations for men

26) I am worthy of love and a lot of people value me.

27) If you don’t respect me, you don’t have a place in my life.

28) I’ll never give anyone a right or power to destroy my self-esteem.

29) I can speak up for myself.

30) I attract wealth and successful people.

positive affirmations for men

31) I believe in myself.

32) I am attractive and good looking

33) I am witty and smart.

34) I see myself as a strong and confident man.

35) I am a leader and I always focus on my goals and desires.

positive affirmations for men

36) I embrace my masculinity.

37) I am in love with my true self.

positive affirmations for men

Powerful Positive Affirmations For Men

38) I keep my words to myself and others.

39) I am an alpha male.

40) I surround myself with other strong and capable men.

41) I am a magnet to new opportunities.

42) I understand that my actions become habits so I will always do the right things.

positive affirmations for men

43) I am courageous and fearless.

44) I am not a victim of my circumstances.

45) I have strong willpower.

46) I am focused and disciplined.

47) I have a vision and I work for it every day.

positive affirmations for men

48) I am in peace with myself.

49) I am generous and I help those who need my help.

50) I live with grace and ease.

51) I always make good choices for myself.

52) I am a leader and inspire others with my actions and words.

positive affirmations for men

Positive I Am Affirmations For Men

53) I am worthy of love and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

54) I am in control of my emotions and choose to react with positivity and understanding.

55) I am constantly improving myself and growing into a better version of myself each day.

56) I am disciplined and dedicated to achieving my goals and dreams.

positive affirmations for men

57) I am successful in all aspects of my life, both personally and professionally.

58) I truly deserve happiness and fulfillment.

59) I am responsible for my own actions and take accountability for my mistakes.

60) I am patient and trust in the timing of the universe.

61) I deserve financial abundance and attract wealth in my life.

positive affirmations for men

62) I am healthy and take care of my body through exercise and nourishing food.

63) I am courageous and face my fears fearlessly.

64) I deserve success and believe in my ability to achieve it.

65) I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and recognize the abundance around me.

positive affirmations for men

Powerful-Strength Affirmations for Men

66) I embody resilience and can overcome any obstacles that come my way.

67) I am a leader and inspire others with my confident and decisive actions.

68) I am worthy of respect and demand to be treated as such.

69) I am in control of my emotions and handle difficult situations with calmness and composure.

70) I am constantly improving myself and developing into a better version of myself each day.

positive affirmations for men

71) I am disciplined and dedicated to achieving my goals and reaching new heights of success.

72) I am a provider and am capable of creating financial abundance for myself and my loved ones.

73) I am responsible for my own actions and take ownership of my mistakes.

74) I am courageous and face challenges with my head held high, without fear or hesitation.

75) I am strong in mind, body, and spirit, and take care of my health and well-being.

positive affirmations for men

76) I am a loving and supportive partner, committed to building a strong and fulfilling relationship.

77) I am focused and determined, never losing sight of my goals and dreams.

78) I am resilient and refuse to give up, even in the face of adversity.

79) I am a man of integrity, always acting with honour and doing what is right.

80) I am confident in my abilities and believe in my capacity to achieve greatness.

positive affirmations for men

81) I am grateful for all that I have and recognize the abundance in my life.

82) I am unwavering in my beliefs and stand up for what I believe in.

positive affirmations for men

Self-Worth Affirmations For Men

83) I am enough, and my worth is not determined by external factors.

84) I deserve to pursue my passions and dreams with confidence.

85) I am worthy of taking care of my mental and physical well-being.

86) I deserve forgiveness and grace for my mistakes.

87) I deserve to prioritize my own needs and self-care.

positive affirmations for men

88) I deserve respect and validation from others.

89) I am enough, just as I am, in every aspect of my life.

90) I deserve to express my thoughts and opinions confidently.

91) I deserve self-compassion and self-acceptance.

92) I am worthy of celebrating my achievements and recognizing my own worth.

positive affirmations for men

93) I deserve to be surrounded by positive and supportive people.

94) I am enough, and my worth is not defined by anyone else’s opinion of me.

positive affirmations for men

Daily Affirmations For Confidence

95) I am worthy of success and I have the skills to achieve it.

96) I radiate confidence and positivity in all aspects of my life.

97) I trust my intuition and make wise decisions with confidence.

98) I am confident in expressing my thoughts and opinions.

99) I deserve love and respect from others, and I confidently set boundaries when necessary.

positive affirmations for men

100) I attract positive opportunities and experiences with my confident energy.

101) I dare to step outside of my comfort zone and take bold actions towards my goals.

102) I am confident in my ability to handle any challenges that come my way.

103) I deserve happiness and joy, and I confidently pursue what brings me joy.

104) I am confident in my ability to handle difficult conversations with grace and assertiveness.

positive affirmations for men

105) I am confident in my abilities to achieve my goals and make my dreams a reality.

106) I trust myself to make confident and wise decisions.

107) I am worthy of self-care and prioritize my mental and physical well-being.

108) I radiate confidence and inspire others to believe in themselves.

109) I am enough, just as I am, and I confidently embrace my worth.

positive affirmations for men

Affirmations For Black Men

110) I am proud of my Black heritage and embrace my cultural identity.

111) I am a leader and a positive role model for those around me.

112) I am intelligent, and talented, and have unique gifts to offer the world.

113) I am confident in expressing my thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

114) I deserve success and will achieve my goals through hard work and perseverance.

positive affirmations for men

115) I am worthy of self-care and prioritize my mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

116) I deserve joy, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of my life.

117) I am confident in my abilities and trust in the value I bring to any situation.

118) I deserve authentic and healthy relationships that uplift and support me.

119) I am proud of my heritage and actively seek to learn about and celebrate Black history and culture.

positive affirmations for men

120) I am worthy of recognition for my accomplishments and contributions.

121) I deserve equal treatment and respect in all areas of life.

122) I am confident in my authenticity and will not compromise my identity for anyone.

123) I deserve opportunities to grow, learn, and expand my knowledge and skills.

124) I deserve justice, fairness, and equality.

positive affirmations for men

125) I am confident in my ability to make a positive impact in my community and the world.

126) I am enough, just as I am, and I confidently embrace my worthiness and value.

positive affirmations for men

Best Positive Affirmations For Alpha Males

127) I love my family; my family fuels my strength.

128) I feel good; I look good, and I’m ready for an awesome day.

129) I’m tough; I can win any challenge in life.

130) My mind, spirit, and efforts are aligned for career growth.

131) I free myself from momentary desires.

132) I nurture my caring and sensitive side with pride.

positive affirmations for men

133) It’s OK to cry.

134) I’m strong enough to admit when I’m wrong.

135) Inner peace is my most outstanding achievement.

136) I’m unaffected by the comparison trap.

137) I’m grateful for everything I have; I’m grateful for the great things waiting to happen.

positive affirmations for men

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How many times a day should you say affirmations?

Affirmations should be said to yourself at least 5 times a day for better results. If repeating the affirmations 5 times a day is not possible for you. At least practice these positive affirmations when you wake up, before going to bed and anytime in between. 

It is not necessary that while listening to the affirmations, you must be aware. You can listen to them while doing your daily chore too. Even when you are deep asleep, the affirmations work well for you. 

If possible, create a list of affirmations that will be played when you are sleeping. This will work better than you think. And moreover, the time consumed for listening affirmation will not be really consumed as you listen to them while sleeping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I affirm my boyfriend?

He may or may not ask you to praise him but being in a relationship, it is your responsibility to appreciate him and make him feel positive and strong. Affirmations are one of the best ways to appreciate your partner, especially for men. 

Here are some examples of positive affirmations for men that you can use to affirm your boyfriend:

I believe in your ability to handle tough situations.

positive affirmations for men

You are my greatest blessing and I am so lucky to be with you.

positive affirmations for men

You are very strong and smart.

positive affirmations for men

We are so much better together!

positive affirmations for men

I believe in you and thank you for always believing in me.

positive affirmations for men

I really like the feeling when we are together.

positive affirmations for men

I am always here for you.

positive affirmations for men

You always inspire me to become a better person.

positive affirmations for men

I feel safe with you.

positive affirmations for men

I respect you and appreciate all the little things that you do for me.

As the affirmations work well subconsciously, you can also affirm your partner using the affirmations in the form of music or in any other way that make sense to him.

Affirmations have direct contact with your subconscious mind and it changes the programming of your subconscious mind. Hence, you can make anyone listen to them when they are sleeping or you can play background music even when they are awake and busy in their other activities.

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How long does it take affirmations to work?

It actually depends on the individual and varies from person to person. However, depending on the surveys taken, on average it takes 30 days to work. That said, you can actually start noticing the results within 30 days of practising positive affirmations. 

If your belief system is strong, the results may even occur at the earliest.  Also, it is very important to feel and visualize the positive affirmations in order to make them work effectively for you.

Can affirmations change your life?

Yes, it surely does. Affirmations have made the impossible things possible. Where science has given up, affirmations have seen working perfectly cool. There are affirmations almost for everything. 

Positive affirmations for Men work cent per cent. And these affirmations can make your life change drastically. People around you, and you yourself will start noticing the positive change with time. 

Do affirmations actually work?

Yes, affirmations do work. There are many Actors, sportsperson, and successful businessmen, who are practising the positive affirmations for Men on a daily basis. And it has proven to be working for almost all of them. So yes, affirmations work as they are designed to reprogram your subconscious.

Can men do affirmations?

Of course! Affirmations are for everyone, irrespective of gender. Its purpose is to reprogram core beliefs and thought patterns to anticipate positive outcomes of a seemingly negative situation.

Given that men find it very difficult to express and channel their feelings, they often end up bottling up their stress and anxiety, which eventually wreaks havoc in their psycho-behavioral system in the form of

  • Anger 
  • Obsessive-compulsive behavior
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Poor career decisions and performance
  • Physical ailments like high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Power affirmations, by far, are the simplest and the most non-intrusive ways to reverse such situations or not let such extremes happen in the first place.

What affirmations do men like to hear?

Different affirmations work for different people depending upon

  • their mental make,
  • the type of problems they are facing in life,
  • how they respond to other people trying to uplift them,
  • and how ‘real’ the affirmations sound.

Best positive affirmations for men are streamlined to address specific issues faced by men in general. Here are a few examples that thousands of men have positively responded to:

  • You are strong; your confidence is inspiring.
  • You’re honest; You’re tough; You’re Faithful. You’re everything a man should be.
  • I trust your decisions; I know the best intentions always back them.
  • Your presence makes my life better.
  • You’re not alone; we are in this together.

How do you make a positive mantra?

Understanding a few essential points is all you need to create a positive mantra for yourself by yourself. However, do remember that the construct of a positive mantra depends upon your goals. 

This quick guide will help you with an effective start.

  • Pinpoint your core issues. This could be a situation you wish to overcome or attract something positive into your conscious existence or personal growth/development. Whatever it may be, write it down in bold. This way, your brain will get a clear input of what you are seeking. 
  • Create a short phrase affirming the outcome you want to achieve. Create the phrase in such a way that it is happening or will happen for sure within a certain time frame. For example, if you are seeking to build confidence, say ‘I Am Confident, ‘I Am Worthy,’ ‘I Am Enough,’ etc.  If you are trying to attract the next ample career opportunity, say… ‘I am ready for the promotion,’ ‘I’m walking into a prosperous career phase,’ ‘I am a magnet to better opportunities, ’ etc.
  • Start with ‘I.’ positive mantras are ‘For You By You’; so always start with ‘I.’ ‘I am, ‘I will,’ and ‘I attract.’
  • Keep your mantra free of negative words. Try and keep your mantra free of words like no, never, none, nothing, etc. However, remember that if ‘negative words counter negative emotions, they become positive and can be used in affirmations or your personal mantras. But that takes some time and mental conditioning. Till you achieve that phase, try and use positive words only 😊 
  • Pack some punch with power words. Use words like confidently, boldly, joyfully, ecstatically, powerfully, etc., to make your mantra more effective. While you may not feel the difference at the onset, your brain certainly will.

Can you say affirmations in your head?

Yes, you certainly can. But at the onset, it is always better to say it out loud. Hearing yourself speak about the goals that you wish to achieve in the short or long term gives a boost to your brain to function in tune with your requirements. 

When you repeat affirmations out loud for a specific frame of time, your brain starts believing in your ‘wants’ as tangible ‘requirements,’ thereby activating your reticular activation system (‘RAS’) to filter information that directly serves this purpose. 

This is the phase when you will feel aligned with the affirmations and believe every word in it. After reaching this level of comfort, you can certainly say the affirmations in your head, and it will be just as effective as when you say them out loud. 

Few Meaningful Positive Quotes For Men:

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.

Mark Twain

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Les Brown

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.

Mark Twain

Final words:

So these are some best and most positive affirmations for men. Choose the positive affirmations that make sense to you according to the areas in which you want to grow in life. You can always modify these affirmations and make some new affirmations according to your condition.

These modified affirmations can also work best for you. Repeat these affirmations every day for 10 to 15 minutes when you wake up, before going to bed and anytime in between to get benefited. Also, share these affirmations with your loved ones.

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