85 Most Powerful Positive Affirmations For Strength & Courage

positive affirmations for strength

Life is an amazing teacher. As they say, it gives you the worksheets first and the lessons later. The bad news is, no one can use PTA to slap a notice on this teacher to mollycoddle its students and give them an A+ when F- is the deserved best. Relentless as it is, there are times when ‘us the students’ are brought to our knees under the sheer pressure of the notorious lessons unleashed without any prior warning. 

How long can we stay down, though, when this universal teacher, arms us with the remedy to discover and restore our Inner Strength and potential to battle out every single hardship flung at us unexpectedly.

A phrase it may be, a collection of words it may seem, but at the end of the day, Positive Affirmations for Strength holds a powerhouse of constructive and productive energy that has an incredible impact on:

  • Rewiring our mental make.
  • Re-structuring negative core beliefs.
  • Developing faith in our true potential.
  • Restoring faith, self-esteem and confidence and, most importantly, building-up inner strength, which is the key to overcoming all hurdles in life, successfully.

Here are a few powerful positive affirmations for strength that have till date helped thousands of individuals view their situations in a more positive light, thereby helping, tangibly, in finding better solutions to their problems than giving up altogether.

Positive Affirmations For Strength And Courage

  • I’m made of sterner stuff; I can sail through any predicament.
  • I am stronger than you think.
  • Challenges are brain-teasers.
  • Tears are not my weakness.
  • I fall, but I always get up and get going just as fast.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I Am in control of my life, I am in control of my choices.
  • No one, absolutely no one, has the power to put me down.
  • Universe has my Back in everything I do.
  • Kindness is my strength.
  • I smile because I’m strong.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I wake up with happiness and contentment
  • Comfort zones don’t inspire me. I like winning battles in unknown terrains.
  • Success comes to me at the end, all the time.
  • I can find positives in any given situation.
  • I am a born leader. I do not follow the herd. I create my own path.
positive affirmations for strength

The ability to be in charge of your emotions actually pays-off! In comprehensive research carried out in the workplace environment, it was found that 58% of an employee’s success is attributed to Emotional Intelligence (EI). 

Ready to get started? Try these positive affirmations for strength to build your EI.

Positive Affirmations For Emotional Strength

  • I cry to release emotional burden; never to display weakness.
  • I don’t believe in self-pity; I don’t crave anybody’s sympathy, either.
  • My mind is a Universe; It always creates miracles out of chaos.
  • I am optimistic about the future.
  • No one knows me better than me; I am my only best friend.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I’m grateful for every experience life has put me through.
  • Validation is for the weak; I embrace myself the way I am.
  • I am hardwired to stay calm under any situation.
  • Nothing can stop me from being me.
  • Watch me as I get Happier, stronger and more peaceful every passing day.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I’m proud of how far I have come in life.
  • I’m infinitely grateful for everything I have.
  • I am in complete control of my emotions.
  • I manage anger with a smile and smoothies.
  • Anger doesn’t affect me; A happy smile is doing the job better.
positive affirmations for strength

Best Affirmations For Emotional Strength

  • Absolutely nothing is worth extreme emotions.
  • I believe in myself. I can achieve anything I want.
  • I trust me and only me with my emotions.
  • No one has the power to affect my inner tranquility.
  • I am happy because I choose to be happy.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I trust the process. There’s always light after dark.
  • This heartbreak is real, but it cannot affect my inner peace.
  • No matter what, everything gets better at the end.
  • I choose to stay away from negative people.
  • Achieving mind and body harmony is my Priority.
positive affirmations for strength
  • Neither do I judge people, nor do I accept anybody’s opinions on me.
  • I absorb and emit positive vibes only.
  • I’m strong enough to forgive. But I’m smart enough to never repeat the mistake.
  • Every new day is filled with positive, healing energy.
  •  I am whole, I am learning, I am letting go.
positive affirmations for strength

Did you know, physical strength is intricately wired with mental strength?

Technically defined as Hysterical strength, you can see this latent physical energy in action in moments of extreme urgency, like, parents lifting heavy objects to save trapped children; and other dire occasions as such.

You too are blessed with this latent pool of strength. Start nurturing and harnessing its powers with these effective affirmations for strength.

Powerful Positive Affirmations For Strength

  • I am strong, I am healthy, I am energetic.
  • Organic nutrition adds glow to my skin and strength in my bones.
  • My body is free of Ailments.
  • Exercise is fun.
  • My workout expectations are realistic.
positive affirmations for strength
  • My body is my spirit’s home; It is, thus, perfect the way it is.
  • Pain is temporary; But it makes me stronger.
  • I can push limits when my body is well rested.
  • 8 hours of sleep fuels 16 hours of endless energy.
  • Positive mental state is the first step to a stronger body.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I eat healthy because food is my medicine.
  • I train hard for high endurance. I depend only upon myself to carry heavy weights.
  • Yoga at 6:00 is my fuel for the day.
  • Happiness multiplies when I sweat it out.
  • I always find time for workouts because it makes me stronger, happier and energetic.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I nourish my internal pool of strength every day.
  • I am bold and daring.
  • I am flawed and perfectly inclined.
  • I believe I can do this.
  • I am self validated. I do not seek validation from others.
positive affirmations for strength

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Being Brave

Let’s admit it, being brave is easier said than done. Taking risks at work, taking a stand for yourself when everyone else seems socially brainwashed, speaking up knowing there will be consequences, the list goes on. But you gotta do what you got to do.

So, here are some positive affirmations for strength to nurture the courage in you.

Positive Affirmations For Courage And Mental Strength

  • I’m never scared to say NO, when I need to say NO.
  • Old wounds don’t affect me anymore; I’ve outgrown them long ago.
  • New opportunities fuel my enthusiasm.
  • I release all negativity that restricts my growth.
  • I’m happy to break relationships where I have to ‘Ask’ for respect.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I was born to do greater things.
  • There are endless possibilities for me.
  • No matter how old I get, I’ll always try new things. I’ll always get better at what I do.
  • Times are tough, but I am tougher 
  • I’m strong enough to forgive; and I’m brave enough to trust again.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I’m blessed with the strength to deal with whatever life throws on my way.
  • I don’t fear failing; That’s why I don’t fear trying.
  • Hurdles make me stronger.
  • I’m not chained by self-defeating thoughts.
  • A temporary set-back does not define my capabilities.
positive affirmations for strength
  • I own the courage to stand up for myself.
  • I can speak my mind, openly and fearlessly.
  • Wrong is wrong. No matter who does it.
  • I admit when I’m wrong, there’s no shame in apologizing.
  • I am enough as I am. I do not need to prove anything to anybody.
positive affirmations for strength

Final Thoughts

You have not come across this article accidentally. Everything happens for a reason, and you never know how far you could benefit only by repeating these phrases out loud. Whether in the folds of turbulent chapters in life or just to nourish a positive mindset, fall back on these powerful Positive Affirmations for Strength to help you stay afloat with a smile on your face and hope in your heart, no matter what. 

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