Change Is The Only Constant And Why You Should Embrace It

Change Is The Only Constant And Why You Should Embrace It

Permanence is an illusion. Perpetuity is a deception; take a moment and think, had the wheels of evolution not struck cyanobacteria a billion years ago to transform it into more complex organisms, none of us would be sitting here today with a mobile device reading an article reflecting upon why change is the only constant. There would be no US!

Cutting things short, change is the only universal force that propels the world forward, and this applies to our everyday life as well.

Often feared and resisted for understandable reasons, change is, in fact, that vital catalyst of our existence that eventually helps us become a better and improved version of ourselves. 

Whether you perceive it as good or bad, let’s face it, no one can escape the winds of ‘change,’ and it will eventually have you in its fold irrespective of how you react to it.

When change knocks at your door, the best thing you can do is to understand it, embrace it, and go with the flow. I assure you, the miracles that would unfold with your acceptance will be a breakthrough experience.

Change Is A Blessing… Here’s Why

If change is the only constant, let it be a good change’… 

Change Is The Only Constant

To make things clear, change is neither Good nor Bad. It is only a ‘Phase’ that walks you through temporary hardships only to make you stronger, better and more capable as a human being. 

If you have been associating change with all negative things, here are a few excellent reasons why you should consider this phase a blessing, even if it is in disguise.

You Find New Opportunities

Change Is The Only Constant

The winds of change blow away everything old, obsolete and unproductive that you may have been refusing to let go of.

It introduces you to new opportunities that work on your creative muscles and allows you to discover yourself in more unique ways. 

Change emancipates you from your very own self-devised cage and lets you soar to heights that you never thought you could reach! 

You Learn To Focus On The ‘Present’

Change Is The Only Constant

More often than not, change depends upon the actions we engage in at the ‘present.’

Say, for example, if you watch your diet and exercise regularly now, you will maximize the possibility of living a long, disease-free life. 

Similarly, if you choose to save a significant part of your income now, you will be able to sail through unforeseen hardships (like, loss of jobs during Covid-19) successfully later. 

Therefore, understanding that ‘change is the only constant’ actually helps you focus on the present. This opens up doors for a better future irrespective of the onslaught of uncertainties.  

You Can Accept and Handle Unpredictability

Change Is The Only Constant

Knowing that circumstances can change anytime, anywhere without any prior warning, you are always mentally prepared to handle unpredictability with a positive attitude.

Your solution-building abilities become stronger than bouts of self-pity, depression and fatigue that give you an edge in coming out of the situation with flying colors. 

You Become More Grateful

Change Is The Only Constant

Somewhere in the monotony of life, we start taking the tiny miracles around for us for granted. Unfortunately, we only wake up to the significance of their presence in our lives, only when they are no longer there. 

When you understand that nothing lasts forever and what seems ‘yours’ today can change tomorrow, you will instantly start appreciating your ‘present.’  

Being awakened about the fact that change is the only constant, you will learn to appreciate and value them before it is too late.

You Are More Open To Evolving And Exploring

Change Is The Only Constant

The way of the world promotes finding a comfort zone and nestling safely into it. Let’s just say, when you are nestled in your safe spot, you stop exploring your potentials that can lead you to something purely amazing later in life. 

However, when you understand that the only constant in the universe is ‘Change,’ you become more open to evolving and exploring not just as a sentient being but cosmically and spiritually as well. 

The Purpose of ‘Change’ is to Prove to You That You are So Much More than What You Are Now

You Learn To Relax And Let Go

Change Is The Only Constant

Holding on to someone or something that has lived past its relevance displays resistance to change. This is never productive and is often backed with despair, grief, stress and depression.

When you embrace ‘change,’ though, you learn to let go of everything that is holding you back because you finally understand that everything that you lose in the winds of change is Not a Loss.

Difficult Changes Stifling Your Existence? Here’s How You Can Sail Through It

Change Is The Only Constant

Certain life changes are slow and gradual that gives you ample time to ease into the situation.

Time though is notoriously unpredictable. It can slap you with sudden unsuspected shifts in circumstances that can jolt you out of your comfort zone in minutes! 

These are exactly the situations that people in general shudder even to think about the moments when they have to walk through these tormenting phases of hardships. 

Difficult Changes are the Pineapples on Your Pizza. They may be presented to you, but you hold power to pick them out!

‘Be Positive’ is the trending advice that any Google genius would offer to a fellow unfortunate that has just expressed their grief on unexpected changes that shook their world from the very foundation. 

While there is nothing wrong with this piece of an all-purpose noncreative pick-me-up, but sailing through difficult changes requires much more than pasting a fake smile on your face and announcing that you are OK!

Here are a few tangible solutions to the issue that you can try instead

Sit Down and try to figure out what caused this change? 

Change Is The Only Constant

Was it preventable, or was it entirely out of your hand?

In either way, you have a reason to forgive yourself because, if it was preventable, remember, you are allowed your share of mistakes.

It is only human to err. If it was completely out of your hand, though, you could extract yourself from toxic self-blaming.

Never Stay Down Too Long

Change Is The Only Constant

While it is OK to feel and express grief, never stay down too long wallowing in despair.

Pick yourself up and plan your next step. Ask yourself, ‘what now? As your senses clear, you will start seeing constructive solutions that will ease you into your new reality, and you love it too!

Open Up To A Confidante

Change Is The Only Constant

It can be your spouse, partner, friend or sibling. Tell them how you feel, express yourself to them and let them comfort you and guide you through your difficult time.

Locking yourself out will only lead to resisting the change, which is as good as swimming against the current. 

Never Give In To Addictions

Change Is The Only Constant

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc., can never help you through difficult changes. THEY, in fact, BECOME THE CHANGE that eventually robs you of all possibilities of a good life and a promising future. 

Final Thoughts

Take a while, sit down and reflect on your life. Can you find a motivational story on how ‘change’ drove you to a whole new horizon of possibilities?

Can you count the tears and moments of torment that you endured only to thank ‘time’ for the glorious outcomes that unfolded later?

The possible answer is ‘Yes’ because change is the only constant and perhaps no one in the world is untouched by this universal truth. 

Remember, ‘When You Embrace Change, Change Embraces You.’ So sing along and flow like the seeds of clover, for you may be blown away from the lap of safety only to blossom in whole new land of possibilities. 

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