How To Be The Man In A Relationship?

how to be the man in a relationship

Are you serious? Am I even writing on this gender-biased conundrum? I mean, you need to be ‘you’ in a relationship, right? What does it even mean to be the ‘man’ or the ‘woman’? How does it even help? 

Let’s find out.

Be the Man in a Relationship? But Why?

how to be the man in a relationship

When the universe wraps a man and a woman into a harmonious bond, we are naturally inclined to expect the male partner to bear typical behavioural characteristics of a man and the female partner to bear the typical behavioural characteristics associated with a ‘woman’.

The point we often miss out on is that nature attributes masculine and feminine traits in humans irrespective of the gender they’re born with.

Therefore, some men are softer, more empathetic, cry often, and are more creative, caring, nurturing and expressive about their feelings.

Similarly, many women are completely level-headed, do not shed tears easily, are as tough as bulls in emotionally / situationally challenging circumstances, are very thick-skinned, less expressive about feelings, caring yet stern at the same time, and so on and so forth.

Now, let’s come to how this behavioural mismatch can actually go on to make the best match!

A relationship is like a bowl of soup. To experience an explosion of heavenly taste and health in the bond, it is essential to spice the pot with a perfect blend of masculine and feminine traits.

It does not matter if these attributes come from a born male or a born female. What matters is that these attributes exist in a relationship irrespective of who it is coming from.

Therefore, when your partner has more feminine behavioural traits, nature may have intended you to be the ‘man’ in a relationship. 

Remember, this is nature’s design to attribute ‘completeness’ to a relationship and certainly, not to make you a lesser female

How To Be The Man In A Relationship?

Ordinarily, you will have the innate understanding of whether you wear the pants in your relationship or you don’t. On other occasions, you may have to step up. 

If you feel that you’ve heard your calling to step up, refer to this compact yet insightful guide on how to be the man in a relationship to see if you’re on the right track.

Be Ready To Take The First Step

how to be the man in a relationship

The typical male energy thrives with the need to lead. Therefore, when you are the man in a relationship, you’ll never back out from making important decisions or taking the initiative towards something of paramount importance.  

Be it finalizing property deals or moving to a different state with your family. You are always confident about your initiative. And, it’s the type of confidence that makes others confident too!

Be In Control Of Your Emotions

how to be the man in a relationship

Typically feminine energy connects an individual more naturally to their subconscious. The ‘feminine’ is also blessed with ginormous intuitive and empathetic powers, which require their mental/psychological wiring to be intricately fine-tuned to feel every emotion deeply and meaningfully.

This is one reason why women cry easily, question more often when they have ‘doubts’ and get easily depressed because they can ‘feel’ the truth behind insecurities.

People ruled with typically masculine energy, though, are the opposite. They are, therefore, in greater control of their emotions and are often seen to act ‘logically’ and ‘tactfully’ under mentally trying conditions. 

Through centuries, men have jested about their women, unmasking their infidelity with a glance. Well, the ‘naturally’ feminine ‘can’.

Be Ferociously Protective About Your Family

how to be the man in a relationship

I was once violently attacked by a brawny rooster that sent me scrambling up a tall evergreen tree when he was convinced that I was on the premises to mess with his ladies or steal their eggs.

This is exactly how typical masculine energy reacts when their kin is under external threat. 

While I am in no way suggesting that you headbutt everyone that gives your good folks a potentially harmless frown, the idea is to let the neighbourhood know who not to mess with.

You Are Comfortable Being The Sole Bread Winner

how to be the man in a relationship

An individual with typical masculine behavioural attributes would often ‘want’ to provide for their families. For them, it’s their life’s purpose to ensure that their family has a roof over their heads, food on their plates and a future that is secure as far as it is foreseeable. 

If you have this innate drive to provide for your loved ones all on your own, be rest assured that you’re the man in the relationship. 

You Love Your Me Time And Give Ample Space To Your Partner Too

how to be the man in a relationship

Ever heard of a Man- Cave? This is exactly what the man in a relationship falls back upon to recharge their mental batteries.

If you have stepped in to become the man in your relationship, always make sure you have a den where you can lose yourself completely in your hobbies and interests for at least an hour a day, 100% uninterrupted.

Also, make sure that you don’t interrupt your partner/spouse in their Me-time. 

You Are Least Interested In Idle Gossips

how to be the man in a relationship

Let’s admit. You have to be an absolute saint to be completely impervious to gossip. However, when you are the man in a relationship, you will find your interests dwindling in idle chatter.

You will stop dwelling on these non-informational titbits, leaving alone basing your opinions/decisions on the same. 

This goes a very long way in maintaining healthy social, personal and professional relations. 

You Are Fiercely Independent And Tend To Do Things Your Way

how to be the man in a relationship

If you wish to learn how to be the man in a relationship, you will have to develop enough confidence to do things your way.

It may not be a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ game, but the man in a relationship is usually fiercely independent and don’t often like being told what to do. 

This is one of those attributes that can bestow extreme confidence in an individual to navigate through just about every difficulty in life. But, on the flip side, it can make the same individual flippant and arrogant. 

So, if you find yourself dismissing the advice of your loved ones all the time, do proceed with caution. 

Be Available to Your Loved Ones

how to be the man in a relationship

If you are the man in the relationship, learn to be available to your close ones when they need your love, encouragement and support.

Emotional unavailability may be the trait of some men, but the ‘man in a relationship’ will never leave their family and friends with a dearth of empathy. 

Final Thoughts 

I’ve read about a hundred writeups on the typical benefits of being the man in a relationship, but somehow, I couldn’t connect with any. For example, many writers have expressed that being the man in a relationship skyrockets your confidence.

Does that mean the ones blessed with typically feminine energy at a larger scale are not confident enough? On the contrary, they are just as confident.

Similarly, many have claimed that you gain extreme emotional stability when you learn how to be the man in a relationship.

Does that mean that the people that are more connected with their emotions are weak and helpless? Certainly not! They are just as strong and stable but in a different way.

When you step up to be the man in a relationship, it’s never about individual benefits. It is wholly and solely about enriching the completeness of your forever bond by balancing the Universal Masculine and Feminine energies present in your aura.

When you work towards achieving this level of harmony by balancing the dance of behavioural adequacies and inadequacies, you will experience the real bliss of being in a relationship with another human being.

You will develop a bond strong enough to stand the test of time. 7-year itch will never shake your faith, nor will you ever have to look for love and excitement outside your bond.

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