How to Invest in Yourself in 2021: 4 Best Ways

How to invest in yourself

How to invest in yourself and make your coming decade smarter than the previous one?

Another decade is up. When the world around has actually flipped round. What is the status of your inner world? Do you want to upgrade this decade by investing in yourself? For most of us, investing in yourself means to invest money or time on yourself, but it is just a step of working through yourself on yourself. So, do you really know how to invest in yourself?

We often ask this question that how to invest in yourself? And we often plan to work on ourselves but fail to do the same. Time to make a resolution on walking the resolutions throughout. Do we really know why these resolutions don’t get through? Do we really know about ourselves? 

2020 is ahead and you have another 365, actually, 366 days to explore new you. We have already made various plans to travel, to make time for our near and dear once and lots of short term and long term goals. But the one who is going to work for all of this, are you investing in it? You got it right, now we are going to discuss working on yourself rather than working through yourself.

So, when it comes to the question that how to invest in yourself, then there are 4 main aspects to be touched and they are:

  • Investment on your physical level
  • Investment on your emotional level.
  • Investment on your intellect.
  • Investment on the spiritual you.

Let us see in detail what is the importance of these four levels and how to invest in yourself on these four levels:

Investment on your physical level

How to invest in yourself

No matter how much money you earn but if you come across any disease most of your money will be gone in seconds. Yes obviously there are lots of options of medical insurance but diseases also affect you mentally. So there is no doubt about the importance of physical fitness.

One of the main reasons for not being totally active is also physical health. In actual how much time do we really invest in this magnificent instrument known as your body? Let us see in detail how to invest in yourself on the physical level. Improving your physical level is the first step of investing in yourself

The physical level can be determined by two vital aspects that are diet and workout. As the efficiency of the machine can be determined by its output and input capacity in the same way your efficiency is also defined by your diet and work out.

So there are various things you will get to hear about diet and workout in lots of websites and you can easily find the necessary information you need about a balanced diet and proper workout. But the point is, are you implementing this knowledge in your life.

Let’s start with your diet. The various diets recommended by different nutritionists and coaches may not be practical for you. But you can always make smart food choices and avoid processed and unhealthy food. Make sure to eat on time and never skip your meals. It will also help you to build self-discipline.

Now comes the second aspect that is the workout. You have planned workout numerous times but failed to do it consistently. If your lifestyle is quite hectic and you don’t feel enough energy for heavy workouts, instead of doing hard workouts at the gym you can substitute it with easy Yoga or any kind of sports. This will make your workout interesting and exciting. This way you will look to make time for yourself.

Investment on your emotional level

How to invest in yourself

Emotions are vital factors in our life which makes us take various decisions. Emotions and feelings are never constant and most of us change our emotions on reaction to outer factors. 

We all get frustrated, angry but we all come through it and again become happy and joyful.

So an important thing to know about our emotions is, we don’t need to seek them in the outer world. We have all the emotions inside us and we should control our emotions rather than emotions controlling us. So, let’s try to find out how to invest in yourself on an emotional level.

The best way to control your emotions is to take full control of your emotions and improve your emotional quotient. Just know about your emotions and use them whenever necessary. You can even practice controlling your emotions by creating a bit distance between your thoughts and your reactions. When you create a bit of space between your thoughts and reaction you will learn to control your emotions.

Investment on your intellect

How to invest in yourself

When you ask yourself, how to invest in yourself? intellect is something that comes in the first place. Intellect is something which comes in between your thoughts and actions. Your Intellect decides whether you will do something or not. The intellect is like a knife for some people it acts in their way and for some, it acts against them. It is completely your choice, how you want to use your intellect. Here are some practical ways to control your intellect.

One of the most simple ways to control it is by simply knowing about it. Let us imagine that you are stuck in a traffic jam now this is your mind with a lot of thoughts in it obviously in a traffic jam, you will feel frustrated. Now imagine you are at the top of the mountain or building now the same traffic jams won’t bother you, in fact, you will find it beautiful. The same thing is also applicable in the case of your intellect, just change the way you look at the things and always try to focus on the positive side.

Trust me whatever the situation you are in, you will find it easy to take any decision using your intellect.

Another simple way to increase your intellect is by simply observing things. Just observe what is happening within and around you and things will automatically appear in front of you. And you can do it all the time like while travelling just be aware and notice the action of others, just try to notice each and everything around you. Try to focus on your heartbeat and breathing pattern. If you practise these simple things then you can notice some drastic changes in your life. Also, always try to upgrade your knowledge. Invest in good and useful self-growth books.

Investment on the spiritual you

How to invest in yourself

Well for many of us it sounds weird, but seriously, this is one of the best ways to live a great life. You must invest in yourself on the spiritual level too. Many of us have various myths about spirituality like it is something about devotion to God, or to read various books but wait let us make it very clear what is spirituality and how it makes a great impact in our life.

Spirituality simply means to know ourselves. And to know about us we don’t need to go to the mountains or some kind of place, we will just need to pay attention to what is happening inside us both physically and mentally. If we are being completely aware of every moment of our life than we are practising spirituality.

Now as many of us think that it should be done after being settled in life, after getting retired and it is the last stage of life but in reality, it is the first step. Yes, you should be fit and bit stable in your life and you must know how to invest in yourself on the spiritual level. And of course, when you start to know more about who you actually are than earning a good living is definitely not a big deal for you.

Bottom line:

How to invest in yourself

This year Instead of making different kinds of travel plans and looking for some external pleasures, let us try and improve our living. If we Improve the quality of our life then it will surely improve the quality and way of our living. We all are getting so busy with other daily stuff that we forget to make time for our better being. It is just like using a machine frequently and not making time for its maintenance.

All other things will take place in our life but we can handle it and what we make of it is completely in our hands. Let us try and invest more time and focus on ourselves and try to be at the apex level of our life. We often try to change various things in the outer world but the truth is if we just managed to change our world it is more than enough.

So now let us try and learn various things, live a life one verse at a time, try and see every moment as a new opportunity to learn something new and finally the most important thing to know is that life is full of unexpected moments and we are here not to gain anything but to experience life so just try to go through everything by keeping smile on the face.