9 Reasons You Must Keep Your Words to Yourself and Others

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9 Reasons You Must Keep Your Words To Yourself And Others

The person who walks the talk becomes a bow worthy 

Since the time you could recall, the most respected person is the one who obeyed his commitment. Keeping a word is the moral value and there shouldn’t be a reason to be moral. 

To follow ethics, principles, and values, there isn’t any other reason than to help yourself. This a basic life lesson that is a self-help gesture. You ought to stick to the value without seeking for a reason.

Still, if you ever find yourself in the middle of a dilemma – whether to keep your words or not; and at what cost, the below-mentioned reasons might help you:

You maintain your own identity 

keep your words

Not because you keep your words you create identity, but it gives you a trait of being trusted. Keeping the word that you gave to others is the second thing. It always begins with keeping the word with self. If you can’t trust yourself, you cannot expect others to trust you. 

Creating an identity is the external factor, though. However, in a social world where humans are social animals, identity is everything. When you keep your words it becomes a part of your personality. 

You Obey your words for yourself not for others

keep your words

When you keep your words to others, you are doing it for yourself. The other person will surely be glad to notice that your actions followed your words. But most of all, you will be silently thanking yourself for this act. 

When you keep your words to others, you are doing a favour to yourself. You know from within that you have obeyed what you have committed. Other moral things and karmic things as a ripple effect of your deed, if you are concerned about, will fall in their place. That is not your duty, anyway. 

You will never fall in your own eyes

keep your words

Beyond everything else, you will rise in your own sight. You know the fact that you performed your best under any circumstance to keep your words. This itself will be enough reason to respect yourself. 

Your value is created by you. Others are meant to judge you, no matter how you are. Creating your worth has so much do with the way you behave. You give people the margin of pointing you out and considering you as a granted being. With the behaviour that is enough self-respecting, you tell people you are a person with certain principles. 

Not keeping your words will cost you inner peace

keep your words

When you don’t keep the given word, it costs you your mental peace. Deep inside, you feel sorry for not able to deliver what was promised by you. Whomever you know as a great person has achieved greatness by staying committed to fulfilling his own words. 

However, not every word that we speak could be accomplished. Again, as not keeping your words could hurdle your peace of mind. Choose your soul’s liberty over ethics, always. So, keep your words to yourself and others to be in peace with yourself.

This gesture determines your life standard

keep your words

Lord Rama is still adjectived as ‘ekavachni’, known for keeping his words. It means, he obeys what he spoke. No matter if he has escaped his body while following the principle. 

What did this principle of his give him? It gave him liberty and set the life standard for him that even thousands year past, he is known for his standards. He who achieved this level of living standards was always been and is still respected.

Your relationship will root deep

keep your words

Any relationship is based on the foundation of trust. And trust is built on the basis of keeping the words you speak. Once you start keeping your words, your relationship will start strengthening more and more.

When you are giving so much of your punctuality to your relationship, the other person is intended to love you back. Also, the other person will always return you your loyalty by keeping his/her words as well. 

You will find yourself happy 

keep your words

When you keep your words, you get that feeling of achievement. You know what it is like to walk a mile more to walk your talk. This act of little struggle that you encounter makes you happier about your values. 

You won’t find yourself happy by relaxing just for the sake of relaxing. The real happiness is when you keep your words and earn respect from yourself. Your soul is relaxed then and you boost your self-esteem.

You will live peacefully with no regret

keep your words

Even if no one notices your efforts or the act of keeping your words, you will not regret it. when you are not able to keep the words to yourself and others, you start feeling guilty about it.

Also, at times, you keep your words, and the one who doesn’t keep gets benefitted. Still, the aftermath of keeping the words is beautiful, always. Whatever the benefit of not keeping your words, is all external. 

You will be more sensitive about your words

keep your words

Once you start respecting your words, you will start using them wisely. Giving a word and not following it, is a waste of not words. It is disrespectful to yourself. This is an invitation to disgrace that you are offering others. 

By being sensitive to your words, you are also being sensitive to yourself and the situation around you. This simple act of choosing what you say carefully is a subliminal act of being aware of everything around and within. 

Bottom line

As you wish to be surrounded by loyal people, others also wish the same. So respect yourself and others by keeping your words. 

What are your experiences of keeping your words and not keeping your words? Do let us know in the comments below.

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