5 bad habits that obstruct your growth

bad habits-thediaryforlife

A wise man once said, “it’s only a bad day, not a bad life”. On the contrary, bad habits may be a one-day thing for people but it has the power to make life worse. It takes just 21 days to develop a habit, and bad ones are just added to your lifestyle without your consent sometimes. Here are some of the bad habits which are part and parcel of a meaningless life and they can obstruct your personal growth:

1. Waking up every morning like this.

Wasting 30 mins in bed checking your feed, stalking peoples’ profiles, meaninglessly scrolling down on Instagram, until you end up comparing your life with others and making a mess of it. See, It is an endless spiral. That’s how they make money. Don’t be a victim, get off social media and do something productive for your growth. Instead of wasting your time on social media try to do something for yourself. win at life.

2. Being a lazy dumbass with zero activity. 

This is one of the bad habits you need to resolve now. Stop shirking your health. You may be busy in your work postponing health issues but your health doesn’t envisage it. Work will wait for your health but your health doesn’t.  Try to eat well, sleep well that’s the secret of living well. Not just go through life, but grow through life. Life is a one-time opportunity. Use it well.

3. Giving fuck to everything

Stop thinking about others. You can’t stop someone thinking about you either good or bad. Own your imagination and enjoy your individuality. Don’t get attached to people. They can leave you any time, So Stop visualizing future with them, Stop worrying about them. No one deserves to be ignored. Never give more importance to everyone in your life and lose importance in their life. Don’t be available for everyone at every time, because people will take you for granted. Don’t trust anyone very quickly. Love yourself and Enjoy your life to the fullest. No one is good or bad here. It’s our perspective to judge. Don’t explain yourself to anyone. Chill and enjoy your journey.

4. Not Being selfish and calculative.

Call me Rude, Insensitive, Weird!  But it’s so worthy in many ways. Have a thought before watching a movie for 2 hours or talking to a friend/ stranger, what profit you will get from them. Are those people/ activities worth to your time? Time is money and you are not a Bill Gates. Try to use it as wisely as possible on a productive and profitable thing. You need to be selfish sometimes. Selfishness is not an act of crime, but it’s an act of maturity.


bad habits-thediaryforlife

I made my mind to wake up early and workout, but I push it to “Let’s begin it from tomorrow.”

I decide to study hard for my SSC exams, but again I push it to “Let’s begin it from tomorrow.”

I decide to sleep at 10 pm, then I push it to “Let’s do it from tomorrow.”

And one day, I  am about to achieve goals and success with immense hard work, alongside flavour of procrastination, but all things end up  saying “ You have enough time to succeed anything so, let’s do it tomorrow.”

If this is happening in your life, you need to overcome this right now. procrastination affects your potential, career and also your mood.

So, take a deep breath and start moving forward towards your goals.

So, these are the 5 bad habits that you need to overcome in order to achieve your goals.