27 Fake Love Quotes That Every Broken Heart Can Relate

Most Relatable Fake Love Quotes With Meaning

With the increasing concepts of love in media, the real one is fading somehow.

fake love quotes

These days, love has become a trend amongst teens and youngsters. It is harder for both parents and children, to know how their feelings work. Love is taught and presented in front of children in the senseless direction. For reasons, real love is mistaken in many aspects. A feeling could never be fake, the way we take it makes the difference. 

Movies, Serials, and novels, are responsible for such situations. They simply keep on fantasying the love affairs. In serials and movies, there is only one starred actor and actress. They aren’t confused by any other actors. Real-life is a whole different scenario. Hence the real love from media could turn a fake for you.

The reason why fake love quotes on Instagram and Facebook pages are getting very high reach and engagement is that there are enough victims. 

Love could never be Faked, it is either unclear us or unfavourable situations.

fake love quotes- love could

We all need a special kind of love. A love that will complete us. Everyone has different and unique broken parts. We all need the kind of love that will complement us. In the chaos around, we get lost to the extent that we keep on hunting a partner just for trend. 

The love and relationships in schools and colleges are failing to last until the next semester. How does this behaviour define love! These things are happening because teens are not surrounded by the right kind of teachings and influences. They are having the wrong perception of love.

Your situations don’t go hand in hand with the influences you are under. For instance, your family may not support you. And you cannot go against them. In real life, your parents are always playing superheroic, no matter what. 

The feeling of love is beyond real-unreal, true-false business. It could only be-not be.

fake love quotes

Having a second affair, or multiple affairs at a time is a clear sign that you are occupied with none. You can love multiple people at once, or maybe one after one, but to be in love means to be fully complete and occupied with the one. 

If you aren’t, you need to know yourself first. There is no such thing as mortality here. The type of environment you are surrounded with will make you take certain moves. It is your take to choose your partner and be true to at least yourself first. 

You cannot always choose the one amongst the many that you fall for. You got to have quality time for yourself. Note it down, what type of love are you willing to receive, and what type of love are you willing to give away. Only then will the feeling of real and innocent love for you will be clear. Until then, whatever you choose will be fake in some form or the other.

You never show fake love to your Mom because you are hungry!

fake love quotes

One very clear sign of fake love is selfishness. There are people all around who are faking love for money and other businesses. Even making love to replace your loneliness is a kind of fake. When you yourself are assured, your feelings are arising out of the demand of comparison, or loneliness, the love is born fake. 

The essential thing before you ask anyone out, or before you answer anyone out there is – to ask yourself about your Genuity. If you are not sure, take some time to understand yourself first, before inviting anyone else to understand yourself. 

There is no good in maintaining a relationship that you yourself are not sure about. You might have a good time. But that would be temporary. And your longing for your kind of love will remain as it is. 

We all are born lovable, a few influences make us fake. Love remains pure!

fake love quotes- we are all

Meaningful Quotes on Fake Love

Real love is rare but fake words and promises are everywhere.

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - Real love

Real love is seen in the actions, not in words. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - Real love is

Don’t expect true love from fake people. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

If they don’t know how to appreciate your presence, Just leave. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

The sad truth is that people love to hurt people when they are hurting.

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - The sad truth is

When the love is real you don’t need to beg them to love you the way you love them. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - When the love is real

It’s sad how people play games and fake love just to make them feel better about themselves. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

Stop living in chaos just to make it work.

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - stop living in chaos

If you don’t want to stay just say, don’t comfort me with fake promises and sweet lies.

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

There’s a difference between people who really care and who pretend to care. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

Deep Quotes About Fake Love

Don’t fall for pretty faces and fake smiles. Fall for kind souls and loyal hearts. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - Don't fall for pretty faces

Some people change very fast and they are the ones who never really cared. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - some people

The bad thing is when you know someone is using you to move on but the worst thing is when you let them keep using you. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

It’ll never be over If it’s real

fake love quotes  - If it's real

You cannot force someone to love you. If it’s true it’ll come from within. 

fake love quotes

Real love is a sky, not a prison. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

There are some memories which neither let you live nor die.

fake love quotes

The good thing about bad times is that it always reveals the fake people. 

fake love quotes

People who are truly in love will never judge each other.

fake love quotes

Not everyone will stay and it’s okay because letting go is a part of your growth. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes

Sometimes I wonder are the memories that we created together were all fake? 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - Sometimes I wonder

I thought I know everything about you and you proved me wrong. 

Shubham Shukla
fake love quotes - I thought I knew

What are the signs of fake love?

No one wants to experience a relationship of fake love. It is not easy to find a lover who can love you truly and completely. It is very painful to be in a relationship where you get to know that your partner is not true to you towards his/her feelings. If you experience something in your relationship is not right, but still, you are not able to make things better even after making a lot of efforts, it could be a clear sign of fake love.

Here we’ll discuss a few signs of fake love that you should not ignore:

Change In Behaviour

We all change with time and age. Our habits, nature and perspectives changes as we grow older. But when you see changes in you that are making you inferior then it could be the first sign of fake love. You experience something that is not right. You want to be true to yourself, but you are unable to do that. 

It is the right time to ask yourself whether you truly love your partner or not. It is important to know if you are in true or fake love with your partner.

Lack Of Emotions Or Communication Gap

It is high time to know if there is any communication gap or there are no emotions left between the two of you. When you are away from your partner, do your partner make any attempt to stay in touch with you? Does your partner respond to your calls or messages?

In a relationship, if your partner is not true, they will lean towards being non-communicative with you. They’ll come up with many excuses for not being in touch and will also not communicate about what is happening in their life. A relationship is indeed successful if you don’t have any communication gap and shares everything about your lives with each other.

No Room For Romance

In a relationship, when there is no romance left, it is a clear sign of fake love and you must understand this at an early stage. The genuine partner will initiate to be romantic with the other partner, but that initiative will go in vain if your partner is lying to you about their fake love.

They won’t care if the relationship is ruining because of the lack of intimacy. It is not wrong to say no romance is equal to no real relationship and sooner or later it can make you suffer.

Unwilling To Do Anything For The Partner

Conflict is a very common thing in a healthy relationship. Two people don’t need to always agree on everything. The important part is to learn how to resolve any conflict with healthy talks. If any of the partners are unwilling to solve those fights, it will somehow decide whether your relationship will work or fail. That unwillingness shows fake love.

Do you always make plans in your relationship, handle responsibilities, take initiatives, surprise your partner, or check on every situation? If you see a lack of interest from your partner for all these things, that’s the common sign of disinterest or fake love.

Doesn’t Understand You Anymore

If your partner doesn’t understand you anymore, it is really difficult for a relationship to survive in that situation. If you and your partner don’t spend any quality time with each other and not trying to understand what the partner wants from the other partner

You don’t do things which both of you love to do together like, watching movies, listening to songs, dancing on your favourite numbers, going for long drives, eating at your favourite restaurants, etc. that means the two of you are not understanding each other anymore, and you are not taking care of likes and dislikes of each other. In a relationship, two people are like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and the two of you meet to fit in with each other.

No Conversation About The Future Of You Two

Planning about your future in a relationship is as important as being in that relationship. In any real relationship, the partners always show concerns about their future with each other. They always think about where the future will take the two of them.

If any of the partners is showing no interest in this conversation or being unresponsive, it is a clear sign of fake love,  and it means they don’t want to have a future with you.


It is very important to understand the roots of a relationship. If the roots are not strong enough, there is no point of wasting your time and energy on such a toxic relationship. Just pack your bags and move on. If you think something can be done to make it better, start working on it today. But if you have made all the possible efforts to make it work and still the situation is same, it might be the fake love and you are supposed to move away from such love.

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How do you deal with fake love?

All of us want to be in a relationship where all the things go like we see in movies and the things we have dreamt of, but that’s not how the reality is. We all know that reality can not be similar to any of the fairy tales. If in a relationship you find your partner is faking love and you are not able to make any decision, then here we’ve discussed a few ways to deal with fake love. Keep reading to learn more about it:

Maintain Distance From Such Person

The best thing one can do when they learn about a fake love is to maintain distance from that person. Try to keep that person out of your life. It is not at all going to be easy to remove that person from your life but just be strong and think that this is not the end of the world. You’ll feel very happy and beautiful things will come automatically to you once you let go that fake love. So, be strong and maintain your distance.

You must also understand the other person’s feelings towards you and react accordingly. Just don’t stay attached and don’t let them ruin your life.

Try and limit your involvement

If you think maintaining distance with that person is not easy, try not to stay too involved with that person, and don’t ask any questions to them or answer their questions. You must not give any attention to them.

If you continuously ignore them and limit your engagement with them, they will understand and maintain distance or go away from you. It might be uncooperative, but you have to do it for yourself and your stability. Remember, this relationship is giving no pleasure to you anymore.

Always maintain a standard

Whatever you are trying to stay away from that toxic person, just remember that you don’t have to do anything similar to what they did, and you don’t have to step down to their level. 

You must maintain a standard while you are on your way towards anything so that you won’t blame yourself for something in the future. Also, remember that they won’t understand you even if you try to do something out of the way. If they are fake towards their feelings, how can they be true to you?

Try and raise your voice

It is necessary to raise your voice if you feel something is wrong. In your relationship, when you find out that your partner is showing fake love, you must point it out. You should let them know that you know that they are faking their love towards you.

You should keep it straight that you won’t tolerate any of their misbehaviour from now on. You should make it clear that you don’t like liars, and you won’t take crap from them.

Try to know the exact reason

If you think your relationship was strong enough and that person will accept his/her mistakes or lies, you should ask them why they did that. When you are trying this and asking them about the right reason, it is important that you should not breakdown or falls apart.

When you get to know the right reason about their fake love, it gives you the strength to move forward and stay strong for the steps you’ll take in the future. But remember, such people can lie about the reason as well. So, be careful of their mind games that can make you feel guilty.

Always take some advice

When you know it is not a true relationship, you must hunt for some professional help for dealing with those negative thoughts and feelings towards that person.

A piece of advice can always be helpful to you to fight against many negative things around you. You must not suffer because of someone else. To control your anger or burst out, it is advisable to take some professional help and stay strong-headed.


These points can be very helpful in dealing with fake love. There are so many ways to find out if your love is pure or fake. You will get a gut feeling that something is not right, and it is the right time to take a step towards that feeling.

You should find out ways for distractions and avoiding that person and keep yourself engaged. You must make sure that you don’t suffer physically or mentally because of that relationship. Look out for ways to get out of that toxic and fatal relationship.

Have you ever experienced fake love in your life? Which quote do you think is very meaningful and make sense to you? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below. Also, if you found these fake love quotes meaningful, share this article with your friends.

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