50+ Heart Touching Love Failure Quotes With Images

Love is not a race of which failing and succeeding have to be seen. It is a beautiful process. No matter what it ends up at. Love always makes you a better person. A bad relationship and your bad choice do not mean that love is bad. 

Failure of love is indeed the failure of your decisions. No one is perfect, and not everyone is just perfect for you. Also, the kind of love that we experience as a teenager is not the right one from various aspects. 

The first thing, you don’t really know what you are seeking for, and longing for. At the age when you don’t know yourself fully, you are trying to involve someone else with you. But the love that happens when you are fully prepared for it never leaves you. 

Here are some meaningful and heart touching love failure quotes with images that will give you a new perspective to deal with a love failure.

Heart Touching Love Failure Quotes

True Love is deeper and purest than the kind of love you are exposed to.

heart touching love failure quotes

The true and genuine love is far different than the love that is showcased in the movies and in the novels. The kind of love that turns out to be a failure is not real love actually. Love should be liberating enough. 

By falling in love, you should be able to rise within yourself. The love that you are experiencing is something that makes you spend most of the time together. If you are not texting or calling one another for a day, you think it is falling apart.

It is not loving. Such should not be love. Giving each other the support and environment to grow, is love. Giving each other their own space and time is love. Giving everything that you could, without expecting anything in return is love. And if nothing is expected, how will the failure come? Neither will success come nor failure.

Love that expects something in return, Fails.

heart touching love failure quotes

Love is always selfless. If there comes a motive behind loving someone, it is not what love is. The true essence of love is deeper than you can ever imagine. First thing is, to love, you don’t have to do it purposefully.

Just because all your other friends are having someone to love, it is not mandatory for you to also have someone. Indian Television programs are mainly shedding their focus on love. This is the reason why every youngster constantly thinks of college as a place to find their better half. 

Now, the college-going population hardly knows about life and has hardly seen any hardships. They go on fantasizing love and are determined from the very first day to make love on the campus. With this approach, not only love, but anything is going to fail.

When growing apart becomes better than growing together, the love still remains. 

heart touching love failure quotes with images

There are times when you have to choose between your career and your love. They should actually be not the options. When your love is real, your love makes you free and independent. If it is not making you independent, you should always choose your independence. 

Love that makes you interdependent today, will make you handicapped tomorrow. Your growth is vital in any relationship. Without your personal growth, the relationship cannot grow. Without you being yourself, you cannot surrender yourself to someone else. 

Choosing your freedom can cost you your relationship and it is okay. You should be willing to give away the things that bar your freedom. This couldn’t be called love failure. Love that you shared was true and the feeling that you have experienced will still remain real. Just the relationship will not continue any further. 

However, this scenario will occur when you are not a family yet. At least in India. You will have to sacrifice your independence to save your family. Otherwise, the scenario is not feasible in today’s Indian era. And is neither encouraged. 

Love is the ultimate lust. And the ultimate never fails.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

When your desire of seeking something else is finished, love has happened there. In the bond of love, you get the riddance from all the other bondages. If your love is the ultimate one, it will not make your soul drift from here to there.

Trying out if the relationship is working or not should not consume forever. In this trial and error, we are cheating ourselves. If you are not clear of what you want, why chase it?

Making love is a choice. And if you are not fully prepared for it, it is better not to make love. Love that happens during the time when you are willing to love just because others have got their mate. And you are feeling lonely. That love is not the love from within. It is just a need from within. And the need ends. Love does not. So when something is failing – it is not the love. It is your need that is failing.

Love is not a destination that can fail or succeed.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

Love is not the end of any relationship. Rather it is the very beginning. This is where we all go wrong. Usually, in our movies, they picture it that love is the end. And that’s what we end up thinking too. 

“Happily thereafter” is only a phrase in novel marriages. In real ones, struggle thereafter begins.

For your love to sustain long, you have to keep trusting the process of life. Consider your better half as an individual who came to your life. Your significant other is not a thing to possess. But life to enrich. 

In pursuit of love, you are on the verge. Failure never strikes on the way.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

The thing to remind yourself is – love is a journey that never ends. It only ends with your life. And the result can never pop up when you are on the way. 

In a nutshell, when you are on your way if achieving something, you cannot decide the result. And love is not an achievement. It is a process that only gets deeper as you go. 

When you are going deeper and deeper, you don’t lose your balance. That is what falling in love means. At least then you are beginning to seek deeper. 

The feeling of love is within you, no one but you yourself can decide its results.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

The relation is within two of you. Don’t let the world come in between. But actually the whole concept of love is within you. You don’t even need a person to love you back. This feeling of loneliness and attention-seeking phase is for kids.

Mature people actually learn to deal with their life themselves. Love is just an attribute of yourself that makes you more caring, makes you explore yourself even deeper. 

With the love that grows you up, you don’t need any other person to tell you this – “you are beautiful”, “you are enough“, and all. You yourself know you are enough. 

Love is not a feeling for others, it is a feeling happening in ourselves.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

To the people who crave for love from outside, remain hungry for long. The outside love will quench the thirst, but not forever. To be able to be loving forever, to need to be loving by yourself. 

When a certain person is around you become happy and jolly, and the person is not, you get back to your box face. Is this a love? You should be loving in nature always. As your mother is. As the divinity of nature is. 

Your mother certainly doesn’t become loving only when you are around. Every act that she is performing, she does lovingly. And hence her love never ever creates a doubt. Such love goes beyond failure and success. 

Love that fails was never the kind of love you were looking for.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

Has your mother’s love ever failed? Probably, you will fail to understand. She will fail to express. But none will fail to experience it. This is the power of love that never fails. 

If your love is the one that has failed, it is clearly not the love. The deeper you go with your feelings for someone else, the more selfless you start becoming. When you see failure coming in love, it is the time to know, persons are not becoming selfless.

And clearly, unless the self vanishes, love will not last long. May the love be towards anyone, yourself has to get dissolved. These days, the question is about – “why should I lose myself when the other person is not?” and “Is it necessary to lose our self-identity?”

The answer to these types of questions is – You don’t need to forget yourself. You need to be you, but at the same time, you should value the other person’s existence. By dissolving yourself into them and by losing yourself or them, it does not mean you should not care to grow yourself up. Dissolving in someone else is possible when you are fulfilled by yourself. 

With love, you explore the never before explored you. This could never be a failure.

heart touching love failure quotes with images

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Best Quotes On Love Failure

Love is not something emerging from you. It is you. And you can only evolve with every failure and with every success.

love failure quotes

In love, the deeper you fall the higher you rise. If you are not growing, blame your decision, not the philosophy of love.

love failure quotes

Love may be of different frequencies, behaviours, thoughts, but at the end of the day, what matters is, are you loving truly or not?

love failure quotes

Love is just a sweet part of your emotions. And nothing sweet should bother you or anyone else. 

love failure quotes

That which is loving will always flourish.

love failure quotes

The one who sees love in something else is already love in itself.

love failure quotes

You should be thankful for the wrong relationships. They may break you but teach you, change you, strengthen you and prepare you for the right one.

love failure quotes

Sometimes there is so much that we feel but so little which we can tell.

love failure quotes

Love is unconditional. Relationships are not.

love failure quotes

Our greatest joy and our greatest pain come in our relationships with others.

– Stephen R. Covey
love failure quotes

It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.

– Ella Harper
love failure quotes

I know my heart will never be the same but I’m telling myself I’ll be okay.

– Sara Evans
love failure quotes

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

— Mark Twain
love failure quotes

Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you courageous love failure makes you wiser.

love failure quotes

Don’t be afraid to start over. Every beginning is a new opportunity to create what you really want.

love failure quotes

Learn the art of letting go of your past and living for what life is offering now.

love failure quotes

Sad Love Failure Quotes

When you left you took away the pieces of my heart.

sad love failure quotes

Sometimes we built walls around the heart, not to keep people outside but to see who cares enough.

sad love failure quotes

Loving you makes me feel complete, but seeing you loving someone other than me makes me think I am not worthy of it.

sad love failure quotes

Everybody knows that something is wrong between us but nobody knows what’s going on.

sad love failure quotes

It literally hurts when you have someone in your heart, but in reality, you can’t have them in your arms.

sad love failure quotes

It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you expected. 

sad love failure quotes

It’s not the bad memories which make you sad, but the best ones that you can’t bring back.

sad love failure quotes

Sometimes people have to cry out loud from the heart, to make room for smiles.

sad love failure quotes

One of the hardest things to do is Deleting old messages which once meant a lot to you.

sad love failure quotes

Love Failure Quotes For Boys

It really hurts when you take out time for everyone but not for me.

love failure quotes for boys

I’ll wait till the day I could forget you or the day you realize that you can’t forget me.

love failure quotes for boys

I would always keep the good memories in which we are together no matter how badly it has ended.

Every love failure leaves a void that no other love can fill.

love failure quotes for boys

I’m standing in the rain, still looking for someplace to hide the tears.

love failure quotes for boys

You were the reason for my happiness, but I never knew that you would be the reason for my tears too.

love failure quotes for boys

The worst feeling is when you love someone despite knowing that they will never love you back.

love failure quotes for boys

It’s not easy to forget someone with whom you’ve lived a complete life in your dreams. 

love failure quotes for boys

Inhale the lesson, exhale love failure.

love failure quotes for boys

Love Failure Quotes For Girls

There is no point of crying, the tears won’t bring me back to you.

love failure quotes for boys

The most painful thought is when I will walk away and you won’t come after me.

love failure quotes for boys

I’ll smile so that you can’t see the pain I hide.

love failure quotes for girls

After breaking up my heart is like a shard of a mirror.which is better to remain shard than to hurt yourself to fix it.

love failure quotes for girls

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. – Unknown

love failure quotes for girls

I no longer following my heart, it keeps getting me in trouble. 

love failure quotes for girls

Unfortunately, you can’t stop people from leaving but you can change your perspective.

love failure quotes for girls

Every time I think life can’t get more fucked up, it proves me wrong.

love failure quotes for girls

No boyfriend, no problems.

love failure quotes for girls

Staying single is better than staying in the wrong relationship.

love failure quotes for girls

Our love used to be the hottest but resulted in the coldest love failure.

love failure quotes for girls

How to deal with love failure?

Not love, but any failure, you don’t need to deal with it. Rather, you should chase it. Especially when it is about love, it is an illusion. Failure and success in themselves are illusions. But when people reject you or abandon you, you start feeling nervous.

It is okay to feel nervous, sad, and down when you get rejected by anyone. That’s a very human characteristic. So now, if you have fallen in love, I believe you are mature and grown-up too. Handle the situation like you are a grown-up one.

You can initially think of all the reasons why the other person rejected or abandoned you. It may be either your mistake or they might not be interested in you.

You are not responsible for their interest. You are responsible for your mistakes. So here’s what you can do to deal with your love failure:

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Make yourself better

The possibility of falling in love is that you might not be capable of love. This is actually the misconception, as love is a quality, and quality should not have any standard or general merit. Everyone has a different love. And everyone wishes for the love that will complement theirs.

Hence, falling in love is the full truth. It might be failing in understanding the concept of love. Love is complete in itself. Even if it is one-sided, it is complete and pure. When it is mutual love, you might understand it won’t work out the way it is working now, for the entire life ahead. And that is perfect. 

You need to analyse what’s right for you and what’s suitable for your loved one. If moving apart makes it right, you have not failed. Instead, you have understood and taken your love maturely. 

Focus on improving your life

When your loved one is moving on, you must know there are so many things that life offers other than love. Love is just a part of it and it always comes in different forms like your pet, best friend or your brother. Even if you do bad at expressing or choosing love, that is not the end. 

Focus on the larger part of living. Life is full of hopes and new opportunities. You can make your life to the point where you would not have imagined. Love is not about all the sacrifices and understandings. If it is not liberating, it is not love.

Love is sometimes about sacrificing love and understanding your real self

Love is not something that you seek outside, be lovable from inside. When you accept yourself as you are, you start being adorable from within. 

This “accepting yourself as you are” thing is becoming somewhat negative. People prefer to stay lazy and call themselves – “I love being lazy” and stuff like that.

Accepting yourself the way you are means you are not getting demotivated by your flaws. Or you are not skin shaming yourself. You embrace your imperfections. It means accepting the real you instead of chasing perfection.

Make yourself worthy

Whenever you are worthy, you are respected. Respect is far greater than love. Your worthiness makes people fall for you. If you have already faced the failures in your relationship, you already know why you were replaceable.

Make yourself worthy enough to be irreplaceable. Also, love does not mean that you should get marry each other. You can grow apart and still have the same love for one another. 

Make yourself valuable enough to get noticed

Often, love in teenagers happens when you get noticed. It does not mean you need to be a beauty icon. People who are confident and bold are beautiful. Everyone who chooses to be real is beautiful. Every smile is beautiful.

Make your personality impactful, such that everyone loves to be around you. On the other hand, you should not entertain people and waste your valuable time. You should focus on your studies and essential activities. But, make yourself a person that no one could spread hatred about.

Destroying yourself because of your past is injustice with the future.

Bottom Line

Love is eternal. Love is your existence. Love is nature. And Love is what makes and keeps you hopeful. You can never be failed by such a wonderful thing called Love. If you think you are a failure in Love, you misunderstand the Love.

Life messes you. Love sorts you.

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