70+ Positive affirmations for teens from parents

positive affirmations for teens from parents

Teenagers require special attention and care. They are just grown-up kids. And usually, they are still behaving with a certain Influence.

Most of the time, parents are unable to comprehend their child’s behavior during teenage. For them, their world has just begun to take shape.

This is the age when they are learning something very significant for the first time. And we as a parent fail to understand this. We expect them to be mature. 

They are surely not kids but are not adults too. And hence this is the critical stage for parents too. 

Here are some positive affirmations for teens from parents:

Positive Affirmations For Teens From Parents

I am listening.

positive affirmations for teens from parents

When your child is trying to have a conversation, give him your ears, attention, and soul. They need more of your attention, your responses.

They actually demand you to be their friends, over parents. They expect you to be their partner. They demand love. 

When your child was a toddler, you loved them enough. But they were not aware of the love you gave. This is the age when they understand and you need to love them their way.

Usually, parental love is not what they demand. They demand a friendly love. They are expecting you to listen to their blabbering. And yet respond to them as if they are in serious conversation. Because the blabber that you feel is their seriousness. 

Don’t try to teach them lessons. Teach them through examples, some practical experiences, or documentaries.

Wow! Well Done.

positive affirmations for teens from parents

Even if they have not done quite well. Or even if they have done well in their 1760th attempt. Appreciate them. 

Appreciate their efforts. Appreciate their sincerity. Even if it isn’t up to the mark, first appreciate them for trying. Then show them what’s the right way to it. Motivate them with kind gestures to try it yet again.

Be the same even if your child turns out to be the failure at the same task after trying for a couple of more times. Most of the parents that I see, they compare their child with literally anyone. 

You should be more focused on improving your child. Not on his speed of improvement. He won’t remain back. There is no such concept of lagging or falling behind. 

As a parent, you yourself must be very clear on the aspect called life. As you have brought this another life up, you owe them this responsibility.

I am always there for you.

positive affirmations for teens from parents

Let them know you care. Let them know you love them. Let them know you will protect them. 

When a child commits something wrong, he hides it from you. Is it? If it is not, you might not be knowing that he is hiding something from you.

So, it is your topmost responsibility to make your child comfortable with you. Tell them that you are there. And do mean what you say.

Affirmations for teens by parents is not something that you keep saying. It is something that you should keep proving. 

You are right in your place.

positive affirmations for teens from parents

Your child is right in his place. Please don’t judge their decisions and action with the maturity that you have now.

They are still learning. They are still confused. Be their mentor. Be their lighthouse. 

You need to remind them that their decisions still have room for improvisation. Show them what you have had done if you were in their place.

Also, remember that, while appreciating their decisions, you don’t have to support their terrible decisions. Just make them aware of the consequences.

I trust you.

positive affirmations for teens from parents

Tell them, no matter what you trust them. And no matter what you should always do. Prove to them how much you trust them by handing over a responsible task to them.

Your trust in them will make them more capable and more responsible.

Best Positive Affirmations To Affirm Teens

positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • You are very special.
  • I am proud of you.
  • My child is very creative.
  • You are enough.
  • I respect your opinion.
  • I know you are capable of doing this.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes.
positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • Always stand up for your beliefs.
  • I understand the reason behind your anger.
  • You always share great ideas.
  • Your smile is very beautiful.
  • I forgive you.
  • I’m grateful for you.
  • I like spending time with you.
  • I love the way you are growing each day.
positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • You are a good son/daughter.
  • It’s okay to cry.
  • You are my source of joy.
  • You are brave.
  • Tell me what you’re going through.
  • You are wiser than your age.
  • I always learn something new from you.
  • I love you.

Positive Affirmations To Become A Better Parent

positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • I am a loving and supporting parent.
  • I always do what is best for me and my child.
  • I am a great parent.
  • My child’s health is my priority.
  • I like spending time with my child.
  • I am doing my best to be a good parent to my child.
  • I am doing my best to take care of my child.
positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • I validate my child’s feelings.
  • I listen and understand my child.
  •  I am the perfect mother/father for my child.
  • I say “tell me more” frequently.
  • I always make my child feel comfortable.
  • I have great patience.
  • I like teaching positive things to my child.
positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • I always speak to my child in a kind and loving tone of voice.
  • I never lose control and always act in a way that shows respect for my child.
  • I take the necessary steps to ensure my child’s health.
  • I love my child unconditionally.

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Positive Affirmations For Teens To Boost Self-Esteem

positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • I love myself.
  • I am grateful for my family. 
  • I don’t need drugs or alcohol to feel good.
  • I stand up for my beliefs. 
  • I am enough. 
  • I can say no to wrong things. 
  • My opinion matters. 
  • I am unique and I don’t compare myself to anyone. 
  • I don’t let social media control me. 
positive affirmations for teens from parents
  • I am capable of unbelievable things. 
  • I have unlimited potential. 
  • I like to learn new things every day. 
  • I accept myself as I am. 
  • I know the difference between good and bad friends. 
  • I am satisfied with what I have. 
  • I am loving and generous. 
  • I learn from my mistakes. 
  • I attract positive things. 

How do affirmations help in creating more lovable and capable adolescent?

Adolescence is a very crucial time for self-growth. It is the time when most of us develop our perspectives and self-image. And the things we learn during this time stay with us lifelong.

Affirmations are powerful statements that can help teens to overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts. Positive affirmations reprogram the subconscious mind and help them to create a better self-image.

Once the teens start repeating affirmations daily, it reprograms their thinking pattern and they start acting accordingly. Positive affirmations can be a great tool in unlocking your true potential, especially for those who lack confidence or struggling with their self-esteem.

Even many pieces of research have shown that positive affirmations can help to boost the self-esteem of an adolescent, which eventually makes them more confident and capable.

What are good daily affirmations?

Here are some best examples of positive affirmations that you can use on a daily basis:

  • I do what’s right for me.
  • I allow myself to be who I am without caring about what others think.
  • I put my energy into things that matter to me.
  • I love working every day.
  • I make the right decisions easily.
  • I am confident in social situations.
  • I am attractive.
  • I wake up each morning with joy and confidence.
  • I am living a fulfilling life.
  • I work for my goals every day.
  • I help anyone who needs my help.
  • I feel comfortable in my body.
  • I love and take care of my body.
  • I only eat healthy food.

The list can go on to countless affirmations but remember that you are free to amend these affirmations or you can even create new for you. Choose the affirmations which resonate with you.

You can choose the affirmations according to the areas where you are struggling. For example, If you lack confidence, you can make an affirmation like ” I am very confident ” or “I radiate confidence. ” The main objective of positive affirmations is to help you to overcome negative and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Bottom Line

Being a parent is not easy. When it comes to our children we try our best to uplift them. Sometimes, It can be tough to deal with teenagers and that’s why they need a lot of your attention. Affirm your child frequently, and see them blooming into a confident and capable individual.

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