90+ Powerful Positive Affirmations For Work Stress & Anxiety

positive affirmations for work stress

“What ails thee, King’s daughter? Thou weepest so that even a stone would show pity”.

“Ah! Old water-splasher, is it thou? I am weeping for my Golden Ball, which has fallen into the well”. Iron Henry, Grimms Fairy Tales.

It could be a golden ball making its way to the bottom of the well, or your sanity plunging into a bottomless pit with an approaching Monday; weeping so that even a stone would show pity, is never your option to wish away the pending list of procrastinated tasks or, the pain of wishing a sprightly ‘Good Morning’ to the Lord of Flies disguised as your project manager.

For most of us, wanting to club these deliberate living breathing stressors to absolute pulp is quite natural. Thankfully, though, with Positive Affirmations for work stress, we can control our inner caveman while being in the safer side of law and mental health.

Daily Positive Affirmations for Work Stress

Did you know, 76% of workers admit that workplace stress is affecting their mental health!

  • Today, I will put in my best at work.
  • My goals are practical, My expectations are realistic.
  • ‘Best’ looks different every day.
  • I’m Clam; I’m motivated; I’m an excellent problem solver.
  • I’m grateful for my job.
positive affirmations for work stress
  • I always reach my goals because I work hard for it.
  • I work hard, I work smart.
  • Burnout is temporary. I will overcome this phase easily.
  • It’s OK to say NO to overworking.
  • I’m productive, I’m confident, I’m trustworthy.
positive affirmations for work stress
  • I’m grateful for my salary.
  • I can feel the stress melting away.
  • I focus on Inner peace and productivity.
  • I love myself the way I am
  • I exhale stress and inhale peace.
positive affirmations for work stress

Did you know, in a recent survey, 1 out of 3 employees have admitted that their bosses expect them to prioritize work over family! 

The same lot has also expressed that their bosses expect them to be available 24/7!

Try these powerful positive affirmations for work stress everyday and see the difference.

Positive Affirmations for Work Stress To Deal With Stressful Bosses

  • My boss is as human as I am.
  • I value my connection with my boss and choose to improve it every day.
  • My boss is my workplace mentor; I always look up to them.
  • The toughest tasks are delegated to me because my boss believes in me.
  • Clear, concise and effective communication wins productive outcomes for me.
positive affirmations for work stress
  • My boss knows that I work to live and not live to work.
  • A bad day with the Boss does not define my life.
  • Absolutely No one has the right to steal my inner peace.
  • I don’t expect appreciation from my boss to know I’ve done well. My work speaks for itself.
  • My contribution at work is valuable.
Positive Affirmations for work stress
  • I deserve respect and acknowledgement from my seniors at work.
  • Nothing can upset or overwhelm me.
  • I am capable enough to complete tasks on time.
  • I can speak to my boss with confidence.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes.
work stress affirmations

Workplace Burnout? Repeat these positive affirmations for work stress as many times a day, as you can

Sad but true, Workplace Stress claims about 120000 lives annually and amounts to $190 Billion in healthcare costs! 

Be safe, be stress-free and most importantly preserve your inner peace and joy with these positive affirmations for work stress.

Best Positive Affirmations For Work Stress And Anxiety

  • I allow myself to prioritize health over work.
  • Rejuvenation is important to increase productivity.
  • Overworking doesn’t make anyone better at work.
  • Sometimes, It’s ok to put away to-do lists for me-time.
  • Taking a break makes me more productive.
Positive Affirmations For Work Stress And Anxiety
  • I’m calm, I’m relaxed, and I’ll do as much as I can.
  • I have the Right to say NO to overworking.
  • Work is a part of my life… It’s important, but a ‘Part’ none-the-less. 
  • I’m grateful for the new opportunity; But I won’t kill myself over it.
  • It’s ok to speak out when I’m feeling burnt out.
Positive Affirmations For Work tension
  • I own my life, I own my peace, and I’ll not let anyone walk over me.
  • I choose to be happy.
  •  I am resilient; I will get through this difficult time.
  • I deserve respect and recognition at my workplace.
  • I believe in my capability to overcome challenges.
work stress affirmations

Frenemies At Work! Try these work stress affirmations.

Did you know, about 58% of employees have either left or consider leaving their jobs because of extreme stress related to workplace politics!

It’s not easy to be happy in a work environment dotted with frenemies devising booby-traps for you to trip and fall on every step you take towards progress. Don’t get demoralized. Try these positive affirmations for work anxiety instead.

Positive Affirmations For Work Anxiety

  • I work hard; I will get the raise I expect.
  • It may take a little long, but promotions and raise always come my way.
  • My contributions are acknowledged by my superiors; I’ll get that raise anytime now.
  • More than a monetary raise, I’m looking forward to a better work-life balance.
  • I’m excited to learn new skills to compliment my new role.
positive work stress affirmations
  • Delegation isn’t failure.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • My worth is not defined by my to-do list.
  • I can do anything, but I can’t do everything.
  • My well-being is my top priority. I deserve the same kindness and compassion that I give to my colleagues.
positive affirmations for work stress
  • My Colleagues deserve respect. They work as hard as I do.
  • I’m always understanding and respectful towards my co-workers.
  • Co-workers’ behavior doesn’t affect my inner peace.
  • Backbiting co-workers don’t affect my professional image; My work speaks for itself.
  • I do my best to keep my work environment clean, healthy and happy.
daily positive affirmations for work stress

Positive Affirmations For Difficult Colleagues

  • I don’t gossip and I don’t entertain Gossip at workplace.
  • I am great to work with.
  • My colleagues are always comfortable around me.
  • I love to greet my co-workers with a smile.
  • I believe in Standing by my Team no matter what.
Positive Affirmations For Difficult Colleagues
  • It’s ok to cover for a colleague in serious need.
  • My loyalty and respect for my co-workers are genuine.
  • My colleagues have always helped me in difficult times.
  • Healthy boundaries are necessary for great co-worker relationship.
  • It’s okay to pause and take a break.
positive affirmations for work stress

Stress Related to Raise or Promotions? Say these Affirmations Out Loud

Money and Growth make work worth the effort. However, workplace environments that support neither, can become a major cause for stress that can even lead to clinical depression. 

In case, raise and promotions are taking longer to come your way than expected, fall back on these positive affirmations for workplace stress to keep positivity and hope shining.

Positive Affirmations To Deal With Work Stress

  • I’m grateful to be financially stable with or without a raise.
  • The new compensation fits my new role.
  • I put in my best efforts to accomplish my targets; not just for promotions.
  • I’m skilled, I’m responsible, I’m hardworking… I’m perfect for the new role.
  • I’m happy and content in the position I am currently in.
positive affirmations for work life balance
  • My turn will come; I’ll keep working hard
  • Today I will strive to do my best.
  • I am excited for the possibilities that today holds.
  • I am the author of my own success story.
  • Challenging situations bring out the best in me.
Work life stress affirmations

Final Thoughts

Till today, almost 60% employees / workers have left their jobs because of toxic bosses. 51% of workers in the USA alone remain mentally checked-out while at work. 41% reported loss of productivity owing to extreme stress. Companies lose over $51billion for absenteeism caused by depression in employees / workers. 

As they say, ‘When the going gets tough, the Tough get going’

The intention behind writing this article is to motivate You to bare your fangs on work stress armed with positivity and get past the week with the confidence, charm and charisma of a boisterous Australian shepherd herding a notorious flock. 

Try these Positive affirmations for work stress for a few weeks. Let us know if you can feel the layers and layers of accumulated stress chip, crack and crumble to reveal a stronger and more confident you.

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