25 Powerful Positive Affirmations To Cope With Stress During COVID-19

positive affirmations for covid 19 stress

We are already living in a stress-driven age, and the pandemics like COVID 19 has undoubtedly changed the state of our inner and outer world.

Many people are suffering from negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, fear etc. These factors impact your physical health and have a severe impact on your immune system as well.

Practising positive affirmations is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Positive affirmation is a simple statement that you repeat to yourself, and it describes a specific outcome or who you want to be.

You can say these affirmations in your mind or out loud, write them down on a piece of paper, and then read back to yourself. Doing all four of those things is the quickest way to start seeing significant results from your positive affirmation.

In this article, we have shared a list of positive affirmations you can use to cope with the COVID-19 stress. Choose the ones you agree with or the ones you want to agree with.

Repeat these positive affirmations to yourself more frequently, and you’ll surely experience a positive impact in your life.

Here are the 25 positive affirmations to cope with stress during COVID 19:

Positive Affirmations To Cope With Stress During COVID-19

  • I trust in my ability to get through tough times.
  • I have survived tough times before, and I will survive now.
  • This situation is temporary, and it will pass.
  • I am strong & resilient.
  • I’m going to focus on things I love to get me through this. 
positive affirmations to cope with stress
  • I believe in my body’s ability to maintain good health.
  • I am supported by my friends & family.
  • I have the ability to overcome anxiety.
  • I choose to stay calm and focus on positive things around me.
  • I embrace the solitude.
positive affirmations for stress
  • I am a survivor.
  • I am safe and healthy.
  • I choose to respond with compassion even in tough times.
  • Everything will work out ultimately.
  • I am grateful for all the good things in my life.
positive affirmations to cope with stress

Positive Affirmations To Reduce Stress

  • This experience is making me stronger.
  • I’ve the ability to get through tough situations.
  • I am attracting great opportunities in my life.
  • I embrace change.
  • It’s okay to face hard days in life.
positive affirmations for stress
  • This will not break me.
  • It’s okay to express pain.
  • Everything I need is within me.
  • I am surrounded by love. All is well.
  • I will not stress over things I cannot control.
positive affirmations for covid 19stress

So, these are some powerful positive affirmations you can use to reduce stress. Share these positive affirmations with your friends and family and help them to maintain a positive outlook during this tough time.

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