65 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations for Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Positive pregnancy affirmations

‘How powerful is the One who’s strength lies in her gentleness. How mighty is she who smiles through excruciations to create life’…? 

Absolutely no phase in life can be more rewarding than those 9 months when you, a normal living, breathing person, get an opportunity to create a whole new person inside you.

Uplifting, blessed and ecstatic as it may be, pregnancy is often an overwhelming chapter where stress, worries and negative thoughts creep in when least expected.

Will I carry my pregnancy to term? Will my baby be born healthy? Can I keep my baby and me safe from harm?

Am I doing enough, or am I lacking in my efforts? Worrying incessantly and unnecessarily causes stress, and stress is the last thing you need for a healthy term.

Thankfully, with positive pregnancy affirmations repeated daily and as many times as possible, mothers to be can generate a positive and energetic mental ambience to make the journey peaceful, safe and most importantly, successful. 

Here are a few very powerful affirmations for pregnancy that you can use for yourself or spread positivity to your friends or close ones expecting instant upliftment.

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations – Messages to the Universe

Sending out positive hopes to the universe is the first step to manifestation. This is an immensely powerful tool to condition your inner wiring to receive the blessings it seeks. 

Stop worrying and start manifesting with these positive affirmations for pregnancy.

  • I am a born creator. I’m ready to create a miracle in my womb.
  • I’m Calm, I’m happy, I’m receptive, and I’m ready to become a mother.
  • The universe grants me the strength to hold a strong and healthy foetus.
  • I see babies everywhere. It’s a clear sign of approaching motherhood.
  • Being a parent completes my purpose on earth.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • I’m grateful to the universe for blessing me with the gift of creating life.
  • I can feel a strong and happy baby growing in my womb.
  • I believe I will be a great mother to a great child.
  • Every cell of my body is celebrating the embryo in me.
  • Pregnancy is natural. It will happen to me normally and without complications.
Positive pregnancy affirmations

Healthy Pregnancy Affirmations – Relax & Trust the Process

Medicines cannot cure what stress decides to destroy.

Pregnancy is natural, and your body is designed to bear the next generation. This is a fact. Constant doubts, however, can trigger negative changes in your core beliefs, which can eventually trigger the brain and the neurological system to rewire itself in tune with your thought patterns.

So, be confident about yourself and learn to trust the process with these healthy pregnancy affirmations.

  • My body is fit and healthy to bear a strong baby.
  • My meals are packed with nutrition to strengthen my baby and me.
  • I work out, I eat right, and I sleep well because of Stronger me = Stronger baby.
  • Yoga is my fitness companion for all 3 trimesters.
  • I trust the process; I’m naturally designed for a healthy pregnancy.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • Pregnancy is a beautiful journey – I will cherish every second of it.
  • Work stress ends at the amniotic sac.
  • It’s my right to rest during pregnancy; I’ll let nothing affect my baby’s peace.
  • I trust my nutrition supplements to keep my body replenished.
  • I look forward to an Active, Exuberant, Joyous and Emotionally Rewarding term.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • I’m naturally strong to have a risk-free pregnancy.
  • The perfect time to become a mother has arrived.
  • My baby will be born at the perfect time.
  • I trust my body.
  • Birth is safe for my baby and me.
Positive pregnancy affirmations

Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy To Release Stress And Control Mood Swings

Hormonal changes, weight gain, difficulty in movement, diet restrictions, doctor visits, and so much more, topped with household chores and profession, mood swings seem justified. However, mood swings, when gone unchecked, can create unnecessary stress.

Be in charge of your mood with these positive pregnancy affirmations.

  • I’m in complete control of my moods and emotions.
  • Music relaxes my mind and body.
  • Meditation unclutters my aura.
  • Meditation makes my womb calm and peaceful.
  • I release all negative thoughts surrounding pregnancy.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • I’m a magnet for positive and nurturing vibes.
  • I’m surrounded by peaceful, calm and positive thoughts.
  • Happiness and a good spirit soothe my hormonal fluctuations.
  • I’m happy and stress-free.
  • I exude positivity to inspire other mothers to be.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • My pregnancy is a happy experience not just for me but also for my entire family.
  • I’m protected against stressors; Universe guards my baby.
  • I will not worry. I will not stress; it is a natural process.
  • My baby feels my love.
  • I can endure all and will endure all that comes my way.
Positive pregnancy affirmations

Healthy Pregnancy Affirmations – Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Pregnancy thrives on good health. This is the phase when it’s best to let go of bad lifestyle habits and addictions like smoking, alcohol, binge eating etc. 

If it seems difficult, try these affirmations for a healthy pregnancy and watch your patterns change for the better.

  • A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy me.
  • I say NO to alcohol, tobacco and junk food; my baby deserves nutrition, Not Addiction.
  • Early to bed and early to rise is my mantra for a blissful pregnancy.
  • I will stay productively active through my pregnancy; My baby deserves an active mother.
  • Regular check-ups reveal that my baby is growing perfectly.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • A balanced, nutritious diet prepares my baby and my body for a healthy delivery.
  • Yoga and meditation strengthen my body and mind for a successful pregnancy.
  • I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come.
  • I am becoming the best version of Me for by baby.
  • I love the new me. I love my new body. I love myself for creating something so perfect. 😊
Positive pregnancy affirmations

Healthy Delivery Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

As they say, through pain comes the brightest day of your life. This is the blessed moment when you get to hold your creation in your arms. This is also the day when worries soar through the ceiling.

Staying calm, being strong and staying positive is your key to transcending physical pain and watching the miracle unfold before your eyes. 

Try these affirmations for pregnancy to make this day magically memorable.

  • I’m ready to endure any pain to have your perfect little body in my arms.
  • You are a blessing from the universe; I promise to keep you safe, happy and healthy throughout your life.
  • It’s time to embrace the miracle; it’s worth every minute of labour.
  • I trust nature to bring you to me in perfect shape.
  • Your smile is worth the pain.
Positive pregnancy affirmations
  • I am calm, I am in control of my pain, and I am ready to do my best to bring you to the world strong and happy.
  • I trust the process. Everything will be alright.
  • The best doctors are caring for my baby and me; I have nothing to worry about.
  • Pregnancy is an experience for a lifetime; I’m blessed to become a mother.
  • Today, my baby will be in my arms; I’m ready for this priceless moment.
Positive pregnancy affirmations

Affirmations for Healthy Pregnancy – Gratitude

Behind every successful pregnancy is a team of well-wishers that have remained by your side through thick and thin, never giving up even through the worst of your mood swings and catering to the wellbeing of you and your baby at all times. 

Here are some affirmations to show gratitude to these die-hard friends, relatives and your better half, thanking them infinitely for making this journey a success.

  • I’m grateful for all the love and support I received throughout my pregnancy.
  • My better half, I thank you for sharing my pains and your undying efforts to keep me happy and safe while I brought our baby to the world.
  • My BFFs and closest friends, thank you for never giving up on me even though the worst of mood swings.
  • I’m grateful for the abundance that surrounded me during pregnancy and beyond
  • I’m infinitely grateful to my doctors and nurses for their uncompromised care and support

Final Thoughts

Positive affirmations for healthy pregnancy are not merely a set of words. These are powerful positive tools of manifestation that have helped innumerable women beat stress and worries and rewire negative thought patterns to actually enjoy their pregnancy and carry it to term successfully. 

Use them well, use them wisely, and the outcomes are sure to be a happy surprise!

Have you tried positive pregnancy affirmations? We would love to hear your experience.😊 

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