85 Powerful Affirmations For Abundance And Wealth

Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

He who falters with Finances is also, he who has the power to regain what he has lost three times over.

– Anonymous

How rich are you with only a penny to your name? How wealthy are you living on minimum wage? How prosperous can you be without climbing the Ivy League? Will your opulence be forever chained to the Dollar Store? 

It’s Time to CHANGE YOUR FINANCIAL REALITY! And all that you need to do is chant a few Power Affirmations for Manifesting Wealth and Abundance every single day as many times as you can.

Yes! It’s as easy as this, and the Results are Positively Surprising!

Who, just who doesn’t want to see their income multiply? While it’s a virtuous trait to be grateful for an earning that covers your ‘needs’, there’s absolutely no harm in wishing for a dream package that could support your humble ‘wants’ as well. 

It may sound a little too good to be true, but these affirmations for Abundance and Wealth can help rewire your belief systems to attract opportunities to grow your income rather incredibly!

Positive Affirmations for Abundance And Growing Income

  • I work hard. So, my earnings increase steadily.
  • New sources of Income always find me.
  • My job pays me well. It comfortably covers my expenses.
  • I can see my Income multiplying in the next few months.
  • Finding sources of earnings is easy for me.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I am open to welcoming an abundance in Income.
  • I do what I love. So, I make great money from it.
  • My dream earning is on its way to me.
  • I’m worthy of earning a Fortune.
  • I see myself earning millions.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • My Income Grows by the minute.
  • I create ample opportunities to make my earnings limitless.
  • I have the Skills to Earn my dream income.
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am wealthy and successful
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

Affirmations to Gain through Saving and Investment 

‘A fool and his money are soon parted.’

Saving sensibly and investing wisely are two tried and tested ways to create wealth. Sadly, it is very difficult to save money in an age where marketing gimmicks turn superficial wants into urgent needs. 

With these positive Affirmations for Abundance, it will be easy to identify needs from wants, which helps significantly in financial fortification in the long run. 

Power Affirmations For Manifesting Wealth And Abundance

  • I’m careful with my expenses.
  • I can manage my finances perfectly.
  • Saving comes naturally to me.
  • My investments multiply by the year.
  • Every penny I save comes back to me tripled.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I’m in complete control of my spending.
  • I respect my money. So, it always Stays with me.
  • Thanks to my Savings, I will always be financially independent.
  • I enjoy investing. I enjoy reaping the rewards more!
  • I create Prosperity. I Create Abundance. I create wealth.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • Happier I am, Richer I get.
  • I have the skills to create the wealth I dream of owning.
  • I love to invest in productive things and activities.
  • My bank balance increases every day.
  • I am surrounded by Prosperity.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I use my money to make life better.
  • I firmly believe that a Penny Saved is a Penny Gained.
  • There is always more where that came from.
  • I attract money quickly and easily.
  • I am worthy of success.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

Fortune often hides behind closed doors. When you bear a positive feeling towards money; when you release restricting thoughts about your income and lifestyle; when you reshape your core beliefs to project a confident, prosperous and happier you, the Universe does its bit to unlock unexpected sources of wealth!

Try these powerful affirmations for manifesting wealth and abundance and see the difference!

Positive Affirmations For Attracting Wealth from Unexpected Sources

  • I attract wealth and abundance naturally.
  • I’m manifesting abundance from surprising sources.
  • Wherever I go, money follows.
  • I am infinitely lucky with wealth and inheritance.
  • Whatever I touch turns into Gold.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I attract money. I Attract Wealth. I Attract Abundance.
  • Abundance is my way of life.
  • My Wallet is always full no matter where I am in life.
  • Affluence always finds its way to me.
  • Prosperity rains on me when I’m least expecting it.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I release all negative emotions surrounding money.
  • I will no longer restrict my Hopes of Earning Limitlessly.
  • I am ready to receive a blessing of Inexhaustible Abundance from the Universe.
  • I attract opportunities for success.
  • Money comes to me every day in expected and unexpected ways.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

It is normal to worry about the financial future. There is no need to ruffle your feathers over it, though, when you can ignite your Reticular Activation System (RAS) with these Positive affirmations for Abundance to actually make a Future Full of Abundance a tangible Reality for you!

Positive Affirmations for Manifesting Success And Wealth

  • I am blessed with unending opulence.
  • My future is fortified with Wealth and Abundance.
  • I radiate affluence and plentitude.
  • I am, and I will be wealthy now and forever.
  • I am Attracting Abundance. I deserve the money I expect.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I am Manifesting a Rich and Prosperous future.
  • Massive financial success is coming to me.
  • Money comes to me quickly; Money stays with me always.
  • Beauty, Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance are mine Now and will be mine forever.
  • My future holds exceptional Financial success.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • The money owed to me will come back to me, multiplied.
  • I am a Magnet for Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity.
  • I have infinite potential to grow and improve.
  • I am grateful to have unlimited abundance in my life.
  • I am attracting money from all directions with my hard work.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

A feeling of selflessness, Willingness to donate, and enthusiasm to help the less fortunate all add up to a powerful positive aura that automatically attracts wealth from the Universe. 

Use these positive affirmations for abundance and wealth to bring out your generous side, even if you are yet to gain the wealth you wish to donate.

Positive Affirmations for Wealth And Generosity

  • The more I give, the richer I get.
  • Money makes me rich, But Charity makes me Wealthy.
  • Whatever I donate comes back to me manifold.
  • Money always flows from me to the needy.
  • I think Rich, I feel Rich. I act Rich.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I am blessed with enough to make the lives of the less fortunate better.
  • Giving makes me spiritually abundant.
  • My wealth is permanent because it is devoted to charity.
  • My wealth is worth it because it makes others’ lives better.
  • I’m extremely wealthy and giving.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

Well, I don’t really mean to sound hackneyed, but if you have food on your plate, a roof on your head, a clean shirt on your back, money to pay your bills, and enough funds to raise children, be assured you have a whole lot to be grateful for!

When you appreciate all you have and are grateful to the Universe for giving it to you, be assured that there will be more coming your way. 

Repeat these powerful affirmations for abundance and gratitude to unlock the bounty of the Universe in your favor.

  • I’m grateful for my current earnings. It easily supports everything I want
  • I am blessed with financial Abundance.
  • I’m grateful to be debt-free.
  • Abundance makes me Happy. Abundance gives me freedom.
  • I Thank Universe for blessing me with Abundance so that I can enrich the lives of the needy.
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth
  • I’m grateful for my job. I’m Grateful for my Income. I’m Grateful for my Financial Independence.
  • I’m thankful for the Abundance I experience every day.
  • I’m grateful for having ample Purchase Power.
  • I am grateful for my freedom.
  •  I am grateful for all the modern-day conveniences that I have. 
Affirmations for Abundance and Wealth

Final Thoughts

It is never too late to start getting rich and prosperous, especially when the means of achieving your financial goals is through powerful affirmations for manifesting abundance and wealth.

What seems to be little bursts of positivity are actually a systematic presentation of words that visually project and inculcate achievable truths into your mind. Consistency, though, is the key. 

Keep repeating, keep believing, keep receiving 😊

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