100+ Short Christmas Captions For Instagram

Christmas Captions For Instagram

It’s that time of the year again when all you see around is love, joy, laughter, and snow. The best thing that happens this time around is all your family gathering together to greet each other Merry Christmas. It’s the season of taking pictures, and lots of it. 

If you are also looking for a nice caption to post with one of your favourite pictures from this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some short Christmas captions for Instagram.

Christmas Captions for Instagram

Sleigh my name, sleigh my name. 

Merry everything, and happy always! 

It’s the season to sparkle and shine. 

Jingle all the way – my feed needs it! 

Witty and Merry Christmas

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Sleigh-in’ through the snow like a boss. 

All I want for Christmas is good vibes and cosy nights. 

Fa la la la fabulous! 

Slay bells are ringing – time to shine bright! 

Merry and bright, from day to night. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Jingle vibes and holiday highs. 

Sleighs and sequins – my kind of winter wonderland. 

It’s the season for hot cocoa and cosy moments. 

I wish you a holy, jolly Christmas filled with good selfies and even better memories. 

Candy canes, twinkle lights, and Instagram delights. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Walking in a winter chic-derland. 

Sleigh my outfit, sleigh my day. 

Naughty or nice, my feed’s looking spiced. 

Holidaze and Instagram rays. 

Frosty mornings, toasty captions. 

Jingle all the slay!

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Dreaming of a white Christmas… and a cute caption. 

Glowing up the gram with festive vibes. 

Wrap it up with a bow, and it’s time for the holiday show! 

Festive feels and Instagram thrills. 

Sleigh the day, sleigh the night – ’tis the season for double delight! 

Jingle bells, Instagram swells. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Christmas Selfie Captions

Elfie time! 

Sleighin’ my selfie game this Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is a good selfie. 

Sleigh bells and selfie spells. 

Snapping through a winter wonderland. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Mistletoe selfie. 

Sippin’ on hot cocoa, taking selfies in a winter dream. 

Snowflakes and jingle bells

Naughty or nice? My selfie game is both. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Candy canes and camera frames – ’tis the season! 

Elfy selfy.

Jingle bells, jingle selfies – spreading cheer all the way! 

Christmas lights make the best selfie backdrop. 

That gift unwrapping pose.

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Frosty the Snowman has nothing on my selfie game. 

Sleighing the selfie scene like it’s my job. 

Merry and bright, just like my holiday selfies. 

Jolly vibes and joyful rides

Twinkling lights, festive nights, and a selfie to remember. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Santa’s workshop called, they’re running low on selfies! 

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and stunning selfies. 

Sweater weather selfies for the win! 

Festive filter? Nah, it’s just holiday magic in my selfies. 

Shining bright family selfies 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Catching snowflakes and capturing moments in a selfie. 

Perfect holiday selfie? Is that even a thing? 

Ho ho ho, hold up! Who wants a selfie first? 

Frosty poses for the frosty season. 

Be a Santa for someone this Christmas Eve. 

Winter selfies and holiday glee – ’tis the most wonderful time. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Funny Christmas Captions

I’m on the naughty list, and I regret nothing. 

Dear Santa, define ‘nice.’ 

I am eating my body weight in cookies because it is the season. 

Christmas calories don’t count, right? Asking for a friend. 

Jingle bells, my sanity smells. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Sleigh my name, sleigh my game. 

Tangled in tinsel and holiday shenanigans. 

Santa, I can explain… but do I really have to? 

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! 

Jingle all the way, but make it fashion. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

My favourite winter sport is trying to find my mittens. 

Juggling snowballs and doughnuts.

Tree-hugger level: Expert (because presents are under it). 

Yule, I’m sorry you didn’t invite me to your Christmas party. 

Sleigh-in’ it since [insert birth year]. Ageing like fine eggnog. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, or just order pizza. 

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and… procrastinator. 

How to survive the holidays: Eat, sleep, avoid mistletoe. 

Santa, please stop here! I’ve been dieting for Christmas cookies. 

If snowflakes were kisses, I’d send you a blizzard. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

When will I get my hot choco lava? This is what I’m dreaming of at this moment. 

Sleigh my name, but don’t wake me before noon. 

Naughty is the new nice, right? Asking for a friend.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing off-key for all to hear. 

Elf isolation mode: ON. Do not disturb until New Year. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Decorative, like a Christmas tree

Mistletoe? More like missile-tow-me-away-from-small-talk. 

Why did Santa go to music school? To improve his wrapping skills. 

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. It’s just another Monday… in December. 

I’m on the nice list, but I double-checked just to be sure. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Short Christmas Captions

Sleigh the day away. 

Fireside and festive. 

Chillin’ with my snowmies. 

Jolly vibes only. 

Tangled in tinsel dreams. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Santa’s little helper, reporting for duty. 

Cosy nights and twinkling lights. 

Mistletoe magic and holiday cheer. 

Sippin’ on cocoa, feeling all warm and glowy. 

Slay this holiday like a boss 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Frosty mornings and festive evenings. 

Unwrap the joy, slowly and happily. 

Candies and love all around

December dreams and winter schemes. 

Elf-sized excitement, big-hearted joy. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Gingerbread dreams and sugarplum wishes. 

Fuzzy socks and merry thoughts. 

Sleigh bells ringing, hearts singing. 

Festive feels and holiday reels. 

Twinkle lights and silent nights. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Naughty or nice? Let’s compromise. 

Making spirits bright, day and night. 

Stockings hung, carols sung. 

Sparkle, shimmer, and seasonal splendour. 

Chasing snowflakes and making memories. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

It’s the season for sequins and joyous reasons. 

Deck the halls with love and laughter. 

Sleigh rides and good vibes. 

Wishing you a tinsel-tastic holiday! 

Wrapped in warmth and holiday charm. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Christmas Sweater Captions

Rockin’ around in my Christmas sweater chic. 

Sweater weather got me feelin’ all warm and fuzzy. 

Fleece Navidad, everyone! 

Sleigh my closet game with these festive threads. 

Sweater than candy canes. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Cuddling up in my festive threads – sweater game strong! 

Sippin’ hot cocoa, feeling cosy in my Christmas knit. 

Sleighin’ the sweater game with a dash of holiday cheer. 

Wrap me in tinsel; call it a Christmas sweater upgrade. 

Frosty outside, toasty inside – thanks to this snug sweater.

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Warming hearts and staying warm in my winter best. 

The sweater was so bright it could outshine Rudolph’s nose. 

Dashing through the snow in style – sweater edition! 

Sweater vibes and mistletoe wishes. 

Cosy level: Expert. Sweater game: Unmatched. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Festive knits and holiday hits – ’tis the season for both! 

Embracing the chill with a sweater that’s pure winter magic. 

It’s the most wonderful time to wear cosy! 

Sleighing the style game, one festive sweater at a time. 

When in doubt, sweater it out. Classic Christmas rule. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Snowflakes are falling, sweaters are calling – it’s a winter fashion affair. 

Fuzzy feelings, fuzzy sweater – a match made in holiday heaven. 

Twinkling lights and sweaters so bright – ’tis the season to shine! 

Sweater weather and a cup of cocoa.

Fireside chats and cosy knits – my kind of Christmas comfort. 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Sweatered up and ready to sleigh the holiday festivities. 

Sweater love, mistletoe kisses – that’s the holiday spirit! 

Layering up for the winter wonderland outside and the warmth within. 

Tangled in tinsel, wrapped in a sweater – Christmas perfection! 

Christmas Captions For Instagram

Remember, you can also tweak these captions to make one of your own. In the comments below, tell us which one you liked the most.

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