10 Useful Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

On your daily day-to-day activities, we know that sometimes you may get overwhelmed. If you are a busy individual, you will find out that it is easy to forget things.

We understand you might find yourself forgetting key important things you were to attend. In this article, we will traverse how you can learn to remember things easily. The article will be tackling and giving you useful apps on how to not forget things. We recommend some of the best apps you can download and use to help you become less forgetful and remember things easily.

Here are the 10 useful apps to help you deal with forgetfulness.

Tick Tick

Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

It is an application that gives you reminders of your daily tasks. It ensures you do not leave any tasks undone.

The application encompasses solid reminder tools, which include one of its top features, which is its profound reminder scheduling capabilities. This application can also sync with other applications.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

It is a note-taking application that can handle any notes you might require to take, no matter the format of the notes. Evernote provides you with a storage area for your notes where you can dump everything. It lets you arrange your work in whatever manner you desire, whether by volume, importance, or author. 

On the other hand, you can reduce forgetfulness by using a call recorder app. A  phone call recorder app can be very handy in recording important key conversations. It lets you record calls to refer to them later and listen to the information conveyed in the calls. There is a Call Recorder for iPhone for those who use an iPhone. Most of the call recorder applications available are free. All that is needed from you is to select a suitable one and download it.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

It is an application that lets you create a complex to-do list you must follow. It lets you set goals, reminders, habit trackers, projects etc.

It mainly focuses on ensuring you do the tasks by checking them off once you are done. You can set the tasks in a daily routine format. When you miss a task, you can easily reschedule it. If you have been asking yourself, what is the best app for remembering things? Then this is the application for you. It is a definite must-have application.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

If you sometimes ponder and ask yourself, is there an app for remembering? It is a must-have application. It automates and works in coordination with other applications.

These include even your home smart devices; the application ensures you get a specific routine for the flow of events for your tasks. It schedules prompts to remind you when you are supposed to perform tasks.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

It is an application that lets you save links and store them so that you can come back to them later. Instapaper also synchronizes across all your devices. It also allows you to save other web content and videos. This app is a great app choice if you are a person who constantly does research online.

Google Keep

Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

Google Keep is a note-taking application that has proven itself time and again to be very useful. It enables you to save pictures, checklists, screenshots, and general notes.

It even lets you colour-code your notes and put them into various categories of your liking; you can share these notes among your contacts. This app also supports file attachments and has a reminder feature to ensure you do not forget.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

Pocket is another article-saving application; it lets you save articles and links so that you can refer to them later.

This application offers more aesthetically pleasing views for you compared to its other competitors. However, it is not just a pretty application. It also encompasses great features in the mix that give it a general edge over other similar applications.

Google Calendar

Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

Google Calendar is one of the best applications for setting reminders. If you have ever wondered how you help someone who is forgetful? It is the best application you can refer to a friend to use.

This app has amazing customization that lets you schedule the times you want the reminder to alert you and grants you the power to set reminders for even months forward. It is amongst the best reminder applications available in the market.


Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

The last pass is an application to help you if you are one of the people who constantly forget their passwords.

It lets you store all your passwords under a single vault; with this, you essentially set one master password that you must remember; this master password grants you access to all the other passwords with the simple click of a button. The app fills out any passwords for you; you have to access the last pass application, and you can find all your passwords saved there.

Google Password Manager

Apps To Deal With Forgetfulness

If you are a frequent chrome browser user, this is your feature. It is a built-in tool by chrome that manages your passwords for you. This app does this by automatically saving the passwords.

It stores them for you and allows you to browse them when needed. The passwords are tied to your Google account, so if you even change devices, you can still access all your passwords.

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