Why You Should Choose Your Friends Wisely?

choose your friends wisely

By etching the words ‘Foolish friends are dangerous companions’ rather indelibly in the pages of history, our wise ancestors were pretty clear about the possible consequences of choosing our amigos with our brains shut dead. 

However, Foolishness is not your sole cause of concern when it comes to entertaining the ‘wrong sort’ in your friends’ circle. Choosing the wrong friends can result in bad consequences like:

  • Constant manipulation. 
  • Emotional blackmailing.
  • Incessant judgments on just about everything in your life. 
  • Blocking you out to prove a point.
  • Unhealthy competition. 
  • Overbearing demands. 
  • Manipulation of your goals and the list goes on.

The question is, do you really have to go through such emotionally exhausting excesses for the sake of an obscure ‘friendship’ tag?

The answer is NO. Friendship is meant to help you grow and prosper mentally, socially, emotionally, and even professionally. 

Therefore, it is your exclusive right to choose and be in the presence of the ‘Right Friends’ and call quits with those that have been no more than Energy Vampires in your life. 

If you have not scanned through your friends’ list yet, here is a list of potent reasons that will motivate you to get started right now.

Here’s what you should look for in a right friend:

They Offer True Support

choose your friends wisely

Genuine friends do not squawk about being supportive. They actually are. Be it your way of living that defies conventional norms or your career decisions, or your not-so-typical relationships. True friends will be by your side saying, ‘I am there with you with whatever choice you make as long as you are ok.’

Right Friends Influence Your Decisions in a Positive Way 

choose your friends wisely

Let’s face it there are times when we don’t think right, and we tend to make decisions that bear the seeds of counterproductivity than otherwise. A good friend always points out the pros and cons in an unbiased way so that you make decisions you won’t regret in the near future. 

They Allow You to be YOU 

choose your friends wisely

It does not matter if you are a quiet introvert, socially awkward, or outright goofy, chatty and loud, or wear your anger on your sleeve. True friends always accept you the way you are and seldom try to change you to suit their preferences.  

Right Friends are the Best Stress Busters 

choose your friends wisely

They don’t judge you randomly; they are not verbal diarrhoea of advice; they are excellent listeners.

They are the best sources of lifesaving hugs; you can vent to them without worrying, and you can even call them at 2am in the morning to speak about why the chicken crossed the road. 

Such friends will make you feel comfortable at the end of the day, and you will go to bed with a smile on your face.

They Stick With You Through Thick and Thin

choose your friends wisely

Right friends are not seasonal blooms that disappear when you enter icy Winters in your life. In fact, you often find your soul companions when you are at your worst and in an emotional condition that may be unagreeable to everyone else.

They never leave you to deal with your burden alone and always make time for you even if they are neck-deep in their own work. 

Right Friends are Always Honest With You

choose your friends wisely

It is often difficult to show people their darker side, mainly because they always have their guards up. A genuine friend fearlessly maintains 100% honesty with you.

Be it personal, professional or social, your true friend will always call a spade a spade.

However, because of their unfathomable love and genuine care for you, they tend to make otherwise bitter pills of truth very easy to swallow.

You will also notice that you don’t need to keep your guards up when a real friend points out the negatives in you. In fact, this gives you a feeling of deep self-realization.

Right Friends Will Understand You No Matter What

choose your friends wisely

There is a heaven and hell difference between ‘saying that you understand’ and ‘actually understanding’.

For example, your bosom friend has been declining your calls day after day and is brushing you aside like you don’t exist.

A regular acquaintance will instantly withdraw all communication with the person and never entertain him/her after such unacceptable behaviour.

However, a genuine friend will know that you are still dealing with massive emotional trauma, and there are times you may think everyone is betraying you and construct your defence mechanisms accordingly.

This genuine friend eventually brings you out of your daze and makes you ok with selfless care and deep love. This is true ‘Understanding’ in the real sense of the term. With an understanding friend in your life, you can always heal from emotional trauma and even depression with ease.

They Forgive Without Regrets and Take You Back With Their Arms Wide Open 

choose your friends wisely

To make things clear, this is not the ‘DoorMat Syndrome’. Genuine friends that understand you inside out always have a wider forgiveness range for you.

If you have been nasty on some occasions, they will try to understand why you have been this way and make you better without guilt-tripping you.

The Bottom Line

The right friends eventually become your safe zones where you find peace, comfort, love, support and care when you need it most.

So, if you have found a friend with all these qualities, let me remind you that you have found treasure! Never let this person slip from your life.

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