7 Habits Of Truly Genuine People

habits of truly genuine people

Genuineness, as a character trait is rare to find in people these days. Given that humans don’t have a certificate of authenticity tattooed on their foreheads, they need to be identified by certain laudable traits and habits that distinguish them from the commonly cunning lot.

If you are ready for some self-introspection, tally your routine behaviour with these 7 integral habits of truly authentic people to see how genuine you are at the moment.

Here are the 7 habits of truly genuine people:

Genuine People do not Manipulate Others

habits of truly genuine people

Manipulation and deception are the evil sidekicks of inauthentic people that plague the world today.

These people don’t mind sacrificing the trust and interests of unsuspecting friends or acquaintances in the path to achieve their own selfish interests.

Genuine people, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. They are habitually inclined to:

  • Forge their own path.
  • Make it a point to never step on other people’s necks in the process. 
  • Create symbiotic relationships with the people they seek help or assistance from.
  • Always make sure that the interests of the latter are not compromised.

They Maintain Infallible Ethical Standards in Social, Professional and Personal Life 

habits of truly genuine people

Genuine people are ethically unbending. Be it in the personal life, social circle or at work, they maintain exemplary levels of Reliability, Responsibility, Dedication, Discipline, Professionalism and Accountability so that everyone can thrive in a peaceful and clash-free ambience.

These qualities inevitably lead to collective growth and self-improvement. 

This is also the reason why genuine people always make better leaders and contribute to improved productivity, even under challenging circumstances.

If you observe carefully, you will see that the genuine people actually achieve higher social and professional success compared to those who try to backbite their way into the limelight.

Genuine People never Judge Randomly

habits of truly genuine people

Have you ever read trashy, acidic, judgement-laden, soul scorching comments made at random social media posts? This is exactly what genuine people are NOT! 

Truly authentic individuals never judge anyone mindlessly nor do they become self-appointed therapists to those that appear to need help.

They know perfectly well that they actually know nothing about WHY a person behaves or reacts the way he/she does because they have never been in their shoes!

They are the kind and understanding lot that will sit patiently with a troubled friend, share a beer or a cup of tea, smile and say, ‘we will get through this together’. 

They are Defined by Honesty and Trustworthiness

habits of truly genuine people

Genuine people are never afraid to call a Spade a Spade irrespective of what the hearers’ reactions would be.

They are trustworthy from head to toe, and you can depend on them with eyes wide shut for fool-proof opinions and advice.

Given that genuine people are seldom able to sugar-coat bitter pills of truth, they are often misunderstood or outright detested by people that are hardwired to believe in sweet lies. Fear of disapproval does not however motivate the genuine people to change their ways.

Genuine People Stay Far Away from Hypocrisy 

habits of truly genuine people

Genuine people are not hypocrites. They will never ask you to do something or subscribe to beliefs that they themselves don’t personally subscribe to.

They will never ask you to be OK with a situation that they will not be OK with if they were in the same shoes. They always treat others like how they would expect themselves to be treated in similar situations.

Sadly though, this rare quality is dwindling steadily among the masses, and it requires a certain amount of awareness and practice to keep the anti-hypocrisy flame alive.

They are Never Ashamed to Admit Their Mistakes

habits of truly genuine people

Genuine people are well aware that everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are the stepping stones to success. Therefore, unlike others, they are never embarrassed to admit their faults or mask their mistakes with curtains of lies, excuses and blame-game.

This applaudable habit instinctually drives them to make conscious efforts at self-improvement, which is a valued trait that directly contributes to personal and professional growth.

Genuine People do not Base their Actions on Toxic Behavioral Vices

habits of truly genuine people

Genuine people never base their present or future actions/plans on negative external factors like over-competitiveness and jealousy. Their ambitions are fueled by internal factors like ethics, morality, inner peace and a number of causes that are far greater than material gains.

They are generally free from the comparison trap and are seldom demotivated by occasional failures. Their coping mechanisms are never self-destructive or uncomfortable for others.

In fact, they are those resolute friends that heartily congratulate others on their victories, even if they are suffering debilitating failures at the moment.

The Bottom Line

Authenticity in character is a trait that people are born with. But they lose it eventually as they enter the real world that demands them to manoeuvre their mannerisms to achieve material success.

In the long run, it is the truly genuine individuals that attain greater success in their careers, create lasting relationships and maintain infallible social bearing.

Having such rare personas in your friends’ circle is always a blessing given that you can access the voice of truth, honesty and wisdom anytime you need.

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