How To Find Inner Peace And Happiness Within Yourself?

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

How to find inner peace and happiness within yourself?

Everything in your life is going as per your plans, but you see yourself staying wide awake at night, often with tears in your eyes. You possess all the materialistic things that your heart desires, but you still feel you’re lagging behind.

You find yourself perpetually overwhelmed with the urge to populate social media with pictures of every minute of your life with that perfect smile, stunning outfit, and exuberant lifestyle. You have innumerable friends and followers that post bouquets of likes and sugary comments on your social media posts.

But, at the end of the day, you go to bed, not with a smile, but anxiety, stress, and a headful of turbulent thoughts that eventually makes you question, what is it that is so seriously amiss? The answer is Inner Peace.

Why Prioritizing your Quest for Inner Peace is Important?

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

If you really wish to go by definitions, Inner Peace is a holistic state of mind where the presence of external stressors does not disturb your calm. 

This is an evolved state of existence where you have a very clear understanding of self and what you want from life.

Individuals that have cultivated inner peace or are in the process of it are minimally affected by toxic stressors like: 

  • Judgment and criticism of others.
  • Materialistic definition of success.
  • Demand for perfection as perpetuated by social media.
  • Competition and comparison trap.
  • Greed, envy, and constant need for approval.
  • Role model syndrome and more.

Emancipation from these vices by cultivating inner peace has a straightforward and noticeable behavioral and physical impact that will help you live your life better. With inner contentment in place, you will experience:

  • Better sleep even when you are overloaded with work.
  • Ability to find quality time for family and friends.
  • Create and maintain better relationships.
  • Develop better focus and problem-solving ability.
  • Reduced physical and mental health risks like high blood pressure, high sugar level, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more.
  • Withdrawal from potential substance abuse.
  • Freedom from invasive negative thinking and working out functional routes to achieve your true potential.

Behavioral changes that will help find Inner Peace and Happiness:

Create your own definition for success

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Every human, unique as they are, must have different definitions of success and, it does not always have to be luxury and display. Be brave and create your own definition of success and never forget to include a wealth of experiences in it.

Stop comparing

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Never compare your achievements, your looks, your belongings, your past, your present, and your future goals with others. If you see yourself comparatively better off, you will develop false pride, and if you see yourself lacking, you will land with depression.

Pieces of Advice are sugarcoated vices

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

They have never been in your shoes, they have the remotest idea about what you have gone through in your life, but they have the perfect socially acceptable solution for you. Never feel weird to stay miles away from these human squawk boxes of free advice.

Stop aggressive planning

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Planning is good, but only to a limit. Aggressive planning steals your inner peace because it leaves no room for improvements or innovation. Your life becomes an unbending to-do list that takes away the thrill, excitement, and creativity from your life.

Unload your baggage

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Dragging your past is like living every single moment at present, with a corpse in your bag. Let go. Release the negative emotions like guilt, self-pity, and grief attached to your past experiences. Tell yourself; it is ok. We are all in the same boat. Everyone has baggage. So, stop carrying the things that weigh you down.

Stop expecting; Let life happen

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

What is meant to be yours will always find its way to you. So why invite chronic anxiety tallying what you want with the possibilities of having the same in the near or far future.

Welcome these Lifestyle changes to cultivate inner peace

Disconnect to reconnect

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Make it a point to stay away from gadgets, be it phones or TV or X boxes or PS for at least two hours a day. Caption a couple of hours in your day as ‘No Social Media Time.’ Answer or make calls only when 100% necessary. The end result will be blissfully rewarding.

Break free from the Magpie syndrome

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

You don’t need to have everything that is trending in the market. Amassing things that don’t add real value to your life will not only clutter your space but eventually clutter your mind as well. Unclutter your wish list now and focus on ‘experiences’ instead.

Develop a hobby and give it some time

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Learn a language, learn to paint, learn dancing, ride a horse, read a book, learn to play a musical instrument. Hobbies always bring you closer to talents you never knew existed in you. The more you explore, the more you will learn about your strengths.

Do one good deed a day

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Do one good deed a day, and please don’t post it on social media. Feed a stray animal, volunteer at a charity event, donate food and clothes to the less fortunate people. And if you think this is too much, just scatter some seeds for stay birds while you are off to work.

Exercise and meditate

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Exercising releases happy hormones called endorphins that directly contribute to uplifting your mood. Meditation, on the other hand, improves your focus, concentration, IQ, and EQ phenomenally. These are often called the two integral pillars of Inner Peace.

Repeat after me; Mistakes are ok!

how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. The people that judge you harshly for your mistakes are those that have hidden theirs with flair. As long as you have emerged stronger from experience, all is good.

Food For Thoughts

Get yourself a map of the universe and find your place in a milky way. We often don’t realize that we are no more than one billionth of a single speck of dust (or lesser) in the universe. Keeping this impression in mind, should you really take your life so seriously?

Learn to laugh at yourself; quote your experiences, both good and bad; spend time with elders, make new friends; be there for those who need you; speak your mind (but mind what you speak); help often and never shy away from seeking help from the right people whenever you need.

And one fine day when you realize everything in your life is going as it should, you’re getting sound therapeutic sleep at night, you are waking up with dynamic energy and a smile on your face, you have no urge for materialistic display, you don’t dread judgment of others, you don’t live in fear of the future, and you are your only competitor.

That day you’ll realize you have achieved a state of inner peace where your existence can become a motivating force to others.

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