30 Inner Child Quotes to Keep The Child In You Alive

Keep the child in you alive quotes

Keep The Child In You Alive Quotes

The most sophisticated people I’ve ever known had just one thing in common: they were all in touch with their inner children.

Jim Henson
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Keep the child in you alive to taste a life bit sweeter. Life is simple, we humans tend to complicate things. If you are not as happy and happening as you were at 5, you are doing something terribly wrong.

Life is not about growing up. Rather, it’s about growing deeper. And no perspective is as pure and deep as the child is. A child simply learns and understands life in its simplest form. 

Here are a few – Keep the child in you alive quotes for you. Read these inner child quotes to cherish the child in you.

Keep The Child In You Alive Quotes With Meaning

The perspective that a child has, is only till it gets adult.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

Every human is innocent and kind, till they become adults. I often think that the word adult comes from the word adulterated. As without getting adulterated, you are won’t get an adult. 

The innocence and the purity that child has, cannot be carried forward to become a full-grown adult. Even if carried, you will be known as a fool. It is actually great trouble to keep a child alive in front of this world.

However, for your own self, keeping the child in you alive is a bliss. Only with the perspective of a child would you be happy. Else, things out there are made up so complicated that you will end your life in trouble.

Growing up comes at the cost innocence of a child.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

There are several incidences where you are scolded for being childish and childlike. Childlike behaviour is only accepted by the people who love you. And during specific moments only. All the other time you are required to wear an adult mask. 

When was the last time you behaved like a child and were still pampered? Usually, the phrase of being childish is next to being foolish. There is, however, a difference between being childlike, being childish, and being foolish.

To keep the child in you alive, you need to be neither of the above. Whenever the world is expecting you to be mature, you don’t need to kill the child in you. Just by being how the child is on a fancy dress stage, you can be on the life’s fancy dress stage. Deep within, the child has to be alive. You just need to be that what you really are.

Life is no simpler than a child’s angle.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

No matter how much you try to put it all in a simplistic manner, you cannot do it unless you think it simple. Human nature is such that, easy things don’t help dopamine to secrete. Hence, every human out there is compelled to complicate things. 

Whenever you are upset with the things outside, just halt for a moment. Talk with the child within you, and you will start realizing the complicated things are actually the stupids ones. Only simple things are fun. 

Our life is meant to be better and advanced, but not complicated and miserable. There is always a simple borderline that distinguishes things like childish and foolish. And similarly complicated and advanced. Only a child within you knows the difference. And you never listen to a child. May he be within our outward. You are used-to ignore the child’s talk. 

Only a child could accept life as it is. We are messing it.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

Accepting who we are and being comfortable in our skin, is actually a kid’s game. How many times have you literally thought before uttering this line – ‘This is not a child’s play’? Of course, the play you are playing is not a child’. Because you are doing business. Business with life, and of life.

Had it been a child’s play, you would have enjoyed it. You would know, how wonderful life is and how wonderful everything else is. The child never complains about anything, unless you nudge him and run away. And life never runs away after nudging you.

So, where is the child in you? Is it still alive? Because life is still the same. 

The child messes up with materials. We mess up with life.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

Materials are the stuff to be used, to play and forget it. Life is a virtue that makes do this all. Aren’t we complicating the things so much that we don’t even remain in our senses? And a child is continuously urging to expand its senses. 

At least a child messes with his toys and enjoys his life. That’s why he resides peacefully and sleeps tight! You are messing up your life by quieting the child within you. And claiming to be more advanced. 

All that is creative, is thought with a childlike mind.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

Creativeness is not a skill to imbibe, it is an art to explore. Only a child has that instinct to think as if there is no box. For a child, there are no boundaries of the box, rather, there is no box at all. 

All that the world marks and remembers as a beautiful creation, was developed by the child who refused to grow up. The child within you requires your understanding. It requires your maturity to know when to bring it out, and when to keep it in.

Whatever you will find sweet in life, will resonate to a child’s love.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

No sweetness in the world could be ever complimented without bringing the child in you outside. Have you ever loved a thing? Have you found that a thing you fell in love with is cute? Why does it appear cute to you? Because somewhere, something about the thing is childlike. 

The quality may be anything from – being little, being baby pinkish in color, being innocent, being stubborn, being bold, or any other thing that is transparent. You see, the child does not show anything for the sake of it. 

Hence, whatever is love-worthy and praise-worthy, is something that has the essence of the child alive in it. 

Whenever there will be innocence, there will be a child.

The only thing that remains with you much after your childhood is past and a child in you.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

When you know, you can’t jump into the pond because your clothes will catch dirt. When you begin to mind yourself. The time reminds you to act adult and to take your own responsibilities.

However, there also comes a time, when you got to be a child from within. You should know and remember this all the time in your entire life that you are only acting adult. You are still the stupid silly child. 

The child who knows how not to give a damn to the world around. 

The child within you never dies. It can just become obedient with time.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

And the child within you never really dies. Whenever you wish to meet him, he still runs your way without any grudges. Or rather, leaving behind all the grudges. 

This is the trait that you already have and you should never forget this. You should simply remember this one thing – you and I, we all have the child in us alive.

Popular Inner Child Quotes

We nurture our creativity when we release our inner child. Let it run and roam free. It will take you on a brighter journey.

– Serina Hartwell
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

– C. S. Lewis
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

– Pablo Picasso
Keep the child in you alive quotes

My quest these days is to find my long lost inner child, but I’m afraid if I do, I’ll end up with food in my hair and way too in love with the cats.

– Kenny Loggins
Keep the child in you alive quotes

One of the virtues of being very young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination.

– Sam Levenson
Keep the child in you alive quotes

You try all your life to be an adult, but something deep down inside you will always be that child.

– Viv Albertine
Keep the child in you alive quotes

When I grow up I want to be a little boy

– Joseph Heller
Keep the child in you alive quotes

We often tend to ignore how much of a child is still in all of us.

– Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Many of us are guilty of not taking enough time to dial into our inner child’s voice.

– Kim Ha Campbell
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Caring for your inner child has a powerful and surprisingly quick result: Do it and the child heals.

– Martha Beck
Keep the child in you alive quotes

I think my inner child wants to take over the world.

– Mark Foster
Keep the child in you alive quotes

We mature in knowledge and wisdom but never leave the playground of our hearts.

Terri Guillemets 
Keep the child in you alive quotes

How do you keep a child in you alive?

Let’s face it, as we grow older it becomes really hard to keep your inner child alive. It’s probably because we want to look mature in the eyes of society. But we should not give anyone the authority to judge us.

Do what makes you happy and cherish all the precious moments of your life. When you see the world from the eyes of your inner child, you find happiness even in the simplest and smallest things.

Here are a few points you should remember to keep a child in you alive

Never Stop Dreaming

Don’t think that you are too old for a new dream. It’s never too late to start and accomplish something. It is just in our head. We all know the stories of the biggest entrepreneurs who have started after 50 but still accomplished their goals and dreams. So, don’t restrict your mind because of your age.

Live In The Moment

As we grew up, we get through a lot of situations and challenges. Most of us either start worrying about the future or start thinking about the past. We get trapped in the prison of our future and past and stop living in the moment.

But a child always lives in the moment without worrying about the future or thinking about the past. Learn to live in the moment to keep the child in you alive.

Do Something Creative

Children always find time to do something creative or what makes them happy. They want to get fascinated. If you want to stay high in life, do something creative. Doing something creative does not mean that you need any kind of special skill. The only purpose is to do something you love, it can be painting, dancing or writing a song. But make sure to be consistent.

Be Honest

Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Don’t lie or fake anything. Staying honest will help you to keep the child in you alive. It makes you fearless. When you are honest to yourself and everyone who matters to you, it benefits you in many ways. You keep that innocent inner child alive, and you don’t need to make any unnecessary efforts to maintain your image or fake anything. It also boosts your self-esteem.

Take Risks

Children never try to fit in the box. They are not confined by the rules. They are huge risk-takers. They climb trees, run fast get into a cave without thinking about the consequences. So stop playing it safe because taking risks can help you to keep the child in you alive and you can experience the wildness again.

Forgive Quickly

If you have ever hurt a child by accidentally, you must have seen how quickly they forgive and forget the whole scenario. Initially, they get angry but after a short period of time, they forget everything and become normal. Don’t hold on to your grudges. Forgive quickly and keep the child in you alive.

More Quotes To Keep The Child In You Alive

I love fantasy; I love imagination – that’s the inner child in me.

– Hannah John-Kamen
Keep the child in you alive quotes

By connecting your inner child to your internal being, you bring out the hero in you that is inside all of us.

 Kim Ha Campbell
Keep the child in you alive quotes

By staying open-minded and listening to the needs and desires of your inner child, you open yourself up to the possibilities of anything and everything.

Kim Ha Campbell

Within us, all is a radiant inner child bathed in joy.

Amy Leigh Mercree
Keep the child in you alive quotes

I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.

 – John Bradshaw
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Most of the writers I know have somehow managed to stay in touch with that inner child who’s never heard of such a thing as an internal editor.

 – JoAnn Ross
Keep the child in you alive quotes

When our inner child is not nurtured and nourished, our minds gradually close to new ideas, unprofitable commitments and the surprises of the Spirit.

Brennan Manning
Keep the child in you alive quotes

Never let age extinguish your inner child.

Keep the child in you alive quotes

How do you bring a child out?

Childhood is a time that we cherish all our life. If asked about the best memories of your life, you must be having so many memories from your childhood.

It is because when we were a child, all of us were without any fears and tensions. We were full of enthusiasm and adventure. Likewise, when we grow up tensions, responsibilities, and workload take place for all those things and the child inside us start fading.

It is extremely important to know about the inner child in you and how to bring that child out. Here are some effective ways to bring a child out.

Do what you love

To bring that child out all of us should do what we love to do the most like colouring, painting, sketching, or drawing. When you do all these things it reduces your stress and disconnects you from all the problems around. It makes you feel creative and you can reconnect with your inner child.

 Play outdoor games

Playing outdoor games will cherish many of your childhood memories, and you will be able to relive them by bringing a child out. This way you’ll destress yourself and will keep you physically fit as well.

Try not to be sober all the time

While growing up all of us somehow forget how we used to break rules, we used to do all those naughty things, etc. Sometimes, It is important to forget the things about being sober and break some rules and give your inner child an adventure.

Yes, we all need to do things according to rules and regulations but it costs nothing to do them differently once in a while. This will make you feel relieved and stress-free. The whole purpose of this is to excite you, but don’t do anything that can hurt you or someone.

Try to forget the world for some time

When we were a child, we never use to keep burdens on us. But as we grow up, we always carry worries and responsibilities with us.

But It is high time that we should forget those tensions and burdens for some time to be able to live like a child. This will help to keep the child in you alive. When you are burden free you feel very light.

One of the best ways to do so is to avoid too much planning and organizing. After becoming an adult, we always plan and organize things and do accordingly. It is very important to avoid too much planning and accept spontaneity.

When we accept the things as they come to us, it becomes easier to go with the flow and we won’t feel heavy or burdened. 

These are some best and easy ways to bring a child out. Be the child you were once, and you’ll feel more happy and carefree. After all, happiness is all that matters the most to us.

What does it mean to be a kid at heart?

Being a kid at heart doesn’t mean you behave like a kid or immature, but it means you will be a kid forever and will do many things and take decisions in your life accordingly. 

When we grow up, we forget many things. Today we’ll discuss with you how you can learn so many things in your life from children and that can make your life easier. Let’s find out what does it mean to be a kid at heart.

 Always finding time to Smile

When we grow up, we forget to smile and begin to live our lives with all worries and responsibilities around. But it is necessary to smile at every moment to let go of things that are ruining our happiness. We must find and appreciate the beauty around us.

Starting every day as a fresh start

The main problem we face in life is that we keep on dragging past with us, and it becomes really hard to forget the past. We should learn to start every day as a fresh with no yesterday’s burden around.

Forgiving the people quickly

As we grow up, we forget to forgive people and keep on living with the burden in our hearts, but when we were a child we used to forgive very easily. It’s very useless to holding onto your grudges. Learn to forgive and let go what others have done to you. Move on to live a happy and cheerful life. It will bring you more happiness and peace.

Loving others unconditionally

When we grow up, we forget to love others and start loving with conditions. We always put conditions in whatever we want to do. We forget to give and take love like we used to love when we were kids. As a kid, we used to love with no complaints or conditions. Learn to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. 

Finding pleasures in small things

As we grow up simple and small things don’t give us pleasure, and we forget to get happy with those things. When we used to be a kid, we used to find pleasure in every small thing like going on a ride with your father or mother. It is important to find such pleasure in your life and enjoy them wholeheartedly.

These are some things that always keep the child in you alive. No matter what is your age, you can always stay a kid at heart and keep the child in you alive.

Bottom Line

The solitude is only the place, where a child from within pops out. You may grow to the world. The child from within never does. The only urge to grow up is the acceptance of the world.

If you found these inner child quotes meaningful, don’t forget to share your favourite ones with your friends and family.

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