Life Doesn’t Give Us Purpose We Give Life Purpose.

Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Life doesn’t give us purpose we give life purpose.

As human beings, we reach a point when we ask ourselves about our purpose in life. It mostly corresponds to the current situation you may be in during that particular period in your life.

However, the word “purpose” moves in a continuum in our lives, and we bump into it every once in a while. But the word and its meaning are boundless. While some associate purpose with their careers and personal life, others lean on self-growth and the ability to contribute to society as a whole.

Nonetheless, it differs from one person to another, and there is no right or wrong answer to one’s purpose. The course of life often drives it you’re in and continues to evolve with time.

What is Your Purpose in Life?

Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Purpose in the core of life is an adventure that the owner most often can dictate to a certain extent. The way a person lives or chooses to live influences one’s qualms about their purpose and their existence in general. 

But what is your purpose, and how do you find it? First things first, the purpose is an ongoing process that cannot be quantified or measured. Every person has a different purpose in life. 

However, if it comes down to sitting down and pondering about your purpose, there may be a few tips to help you start. 

First of all, it is essential to understand your current state in life by learning the hardest and the joyous moments of your past and finding a stepping stone that has led to you where you are, maybe the very answer for your purpose today.

Most often, our woes tend to overpower our happy moments. Therefore, it is crucial to find a balance between the two to further redirect your life to the purpose you’re searching for. 

It has been studied that though happiness may not be constant in life, it can indeed be more prominent with the way you choose to live. People who are more selfless and graceful in nature experience moments of happiness more and are often consumed by its virtue. 

So as the saying goes, “life doesn’t give us purpose; we give life purpose,” we can surely relate to how we can steer our lives into finding a better and happier purpose in life. 

So, if you wake up one morning and you suddenly find yourself confronted with the question of your purpose, make sure you take your roots and your current situation into consideration. Sometimes, your purpose in life is what you’re already doing every day. It can be in terms of providing for your family, helping a friend, doing well at your job, or being a part of a more significant cause close to society. 

Common Threads of Purpose

Although our purpose in life may vary, some specific experiences and virtues bind us together. Here are some of the common steps towards understanding your purpose.


Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Some people wake up because they are eager to start the day, follow their dreams and be as productive as possible. These are people who put a hundred percent into everything that they do regardless of the situation. One’s passion fuels one’s purpose in life in a lot of ways.¬†Hiring a right life coach can be helpful to find your purpose early and efficiently.


Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Beliefs shape the way we think and, in turn, the way we act around our daily surroundings. Living life with a clear conscience in any space often influences a part of your purpose in life.


Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Setting priorities in life is an essential aspect of understanding your purpose in life. Priorities like career, relationships, and most importantly, self-growth steer our direction in life, which builds into having a purpose in life.

The Art of Balancing

Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Life is a continuous balancing act, and the game changes with adulthood and increasing responsibilities. However, it is not an impossible task. Therefore, finding balance spells out living life in a space open for one’s growth. 

Living in the Moment

Life doesn't give us purpose we give life purpose

Most often, humans are driven by the future and what they want to do. In pursuit of the same, the present is often swung away without realizing time is passing. Living life at the moment, though, allows you to give that moment your genuine effort and potential, and this can desirably lead to building stronger foundations for the different purposes one may have in life.

To Conclude

Asking oneself about the purpose in life is perpetual and is innate in every human being. However, understanding and listening to your walks in life and directing them to specific goals and virtues may create more precise paths for you. 

Getting clarity about what you want to do today will create a better tomorrow, which will eventually be your purpose. So, when you reach this pinnacle, expect to ask yourself the same question of purpose again. As mentioned earlier, it is an ongoing process, and with more experience in life comes new wonders of purpose and new answers. 

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