3 Simple and effective ways to deal with Rejection


It happens so fast, the string of words resulting in an insulting tone of voice. You are stunned, lose balance and can’t even think straight. On a withdrawal note, you might be reduced to tears. Now you are taking it personally and it starts hurting you a lot. Rejection, that’s what it is and it just takes over. It can be anywhere at any time. Either you end up on being boycotted from the social engagement or you are denied for a well-deserved appraisal, rejection hurts.

It’s not about rejection, more is dependent on your response to it and it will be a big step in determining your future outcomes. You need to grow mentally strong to handle rejection better in order to have positive results in the future. So, here we bring you 3 simple and effective ways to deal with rejections and turning your pain into a fruitful product for you.

Put your perspective right.


It’s all in the head they say and your perspective towards rejection is a very important part of it. Your belief and mindset should be strong enough to tackle the rejection of every type in a constructive manner. Your perspective
decides whether you want to recover from rejection or you want to suffer in the pain of rejection.

One should not be ignoring or suppressing emotions but should follow to grow and improve lead. Mentally strong people recover quickly from rejection as their perspective depends on the idea of learning from the situations and getting positive outcomes in the future.

Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.


Rejection hurts because we tend to put a lot of efforts into getting the things to be done in a planned sequence to make us happy. In order to do that we often separate ourselves from other exciting things happening around us.

Let’s understand it through a situation, suppose you are in a relationship and you are putting all your energy to make a single person happy, you are doing everything to make things work. But somehow results are not so favourable to you.

Now you are hurt due to the rejection. You need to acknowledge all your emotions properly. Any individual should not be the key to your happiness. Putting efforts in single direction means pressurizing other people for your happiness. If you are not happy from inside then nobody can make you happy. You need to be happy with yourself and then you will be able to handle rejection more effectively.

Gain from your pain.

Try to learn and gain some good from your rejections, a lesson learnt every time will lead you to the positive events in the future. You should be putting all your pain from rejection in a well constructive manner for your growth. This will help you to take criticism positively and letting you come out of your comfort zone in order to achieve new heights. By learning from past mistakes, you will get to know about the areas of improvement.

So, if you follow and practice this routine your response to rejection might be better next time, which might help you to avoid the pain of rejection or you might handle it properly without breaking down.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

Mark Twain

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