5 Types of body language everyone should avoid

types of body language

5 Types of body language everyone should avoid:

How often you have seen children asking mother for food without saying anything or even the hunters collaborating swiftly and quietly on a big kill. Same was the thing even when the first guy showed his friend how to produce fire. The answer to all of this is same, that is body language, a universally accepted and understandable way of communication.

How fascinating is that your deliberate or non-deliberate postures, gestures and movements all are subconsciously interpreted by others. Well, it can work in both a positive and negative manner.

Hence, to influence the people’s perspective towards you and your ideas, the key is to avoid the negative types of body language signs. It will save you from sending the wrong signals. So here are the 5 types of body language signals, you should be avoiding.

Not making an eye contact

types of body language

The most common mistake people make while having a conversation is looking down and not making proper eye contact. This is a clear sign that you are not even confident of your own words, then how others will confide in your ideas. This might send a message of disinterest or even arrogance to some people.

Keep your head up, looking straight into the eyes of others confidently. Practice to do it more often so that it should appear natural, not a disturbing stare.

Frequently repositioning your feet

types of body language

You must have seen people frequently repositioning their feet or shifting their body weight from one foot to another. Well, they might do it subconsciously but it is a clear sign of negative body language that must be avoided. This clearly indicates the discomfort of a person either mental or physical and it is not a sign of productive response. So, you should definately avoid such types of body language and movements.

Faking an emotion

types of body language

Emotions should be as natural as they can be, faking a smile or any other gesture is not going to help you in any way. It is just impossible to fool a person’s subconscious mind by giving them a fake smile or empathy. With fake emotions, you can’t keep the conversation going for so long. While having any conversation, make sure you have genuine intentions and don’t try to fake any emotion through your unnatural gestures.

It’s good to smile while having a conversation but faking your emotions and putting too many unnecessary gestures is often considered as the signs of fraud. This is totally one of the negative types of body language and you must avoid it.

Touching your face

types of body language

One of the negative types of body language is touching your face again and again or leaning back locking your fingers behind your head. This is the sign of your resistance or the more defensive approach, and it might be interpreted as a sign of your non-interest. Often there might be few situations where touching your face during a conversation is termed as a positive sign. It largely depends on what exactly you are doing and what message you are trying to convey. On the other hand, it can also result in negative consequences and make you look nervous, dishonest, disinterested or distracted.

Messing with postures and gestures

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Good body language very much includes proper use of your postures and gestures. They help you to express your ideas and thoughts effectively and confidently. But the tables may get turned down if you mess up with postures and gestures. Some peculiar mistakes people often make includes crossing your legs or arms, putting your hands in pocket, repetitive tapping of the foot, scratching your arms, excessive nodding which can be termed as a sign of being too judgemental while making a decision. One should not practice such movements of the body to avoid negative body language.

Final words:

types of body language

It is rightly said that “What you hide by language, your body utters.” So, clearly, it is very important that body language should lead to a positive and confident note. You should avoid the types of body language that leads to a negative statement. Avoid the negative signs of the body language as much as possible. Try to practice positive body language techniques to make an impact on people.

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