60 Inspirational You Are Enough Quotes to Remind You of Your Worth

you are enough quotes

Watch the video below: Let’s be clear, life is not as simple as we think. Life is always one step ahead of our plans and it’s really hard to predict what’s going to happen next and that is where learning how to properly understand tarot cards can provide immense clarity. All we can do is learn to enjoy … Read more

60+ Beautiful Good Girl Quotes to Inspire Every Girl

good girl quotes

I wonder how good and bad girls are classified! Every man’s perspective keeps making a girl good or bad, depending on his thoughts. Girls who do what their parents’ will is are bad girls for their friends but they are good for their parents.  Your perspective and your angle define the goodness of the girl. … Read more

11 Heart Touching Quotes About Friendship

heart touching quotes about friendship

11 Heart Touching Quotes About Friendship: “What does friendship mean?”, asked Sudama. “Where there exists a mean there is no friendship!” – replied Krishna. The Relation that even God could not deny Right from the age when even friendship was difficult to spell to the age when friendship was difficult to maintain, we all grow … Read more